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Heartwarming Nintendo Switch Stories Breath of the Wild

Surfing the web, I’ve come across a number of different heartwarming Nintendo Switch stories. One of the best things I’ve noticed from the console hit me like an epiphany just the other day. The Nintendo Switch is heartwarming because it is bringing the world new gamers in a way all too familiar. What I noticed stuck so profoundly in my heart that simply keeping quiet about it won’t due.

It all started when I was sitting around a planter at a theme park. I had only sat there for a second to check my emails before proceeding to the fun. “Mamma mia!” A voice catches my attention immediately; it must have been a gamer’s instinct. Again, it rings, “Mamma Mia!” My eyes trace a little boy racing around the planter jumping up with one fist in the air. Behind the boy is a smaller boy trying to keep up shouting the same phrase. They were undoubtedly brothers with a familiar character in mind. The coolest part, this happened a day or two after the release of Super Mario Odyssey.

Maybe my heart swelled to this because I, the younger sibling, was sitting beside my sister when we noticed. It was like looking into the past. Its how we would have been at that age but instead enjoying the connection to Super Mario 64. How lucky these boys are to be growing up with Mario back in his prime.

And, this is just one of many stories confirming that the Nintendo Switch itself is heartwarming. One can easily dive into the debate of potential disappointments in the Wii U or use numbers to argue the success of the Wii. What it really comes down to for me is, the Nintendo Switch is having a far deeper influence on raising ‘gamers’ than most consoles will ever achieve.

Nintendo Switch Stories – More Touched from Around the Web

Couple Playing Nintendo Switch - Nintendo Switch storiesLike I said, the stories don’t stop. Others confirm that the Nintendo Switch came into their lives forming special bonds as well. Many couples are using the console to bring their significant other into the gamer life while families are using it to introduce their children to their favorite hobby. The mass appeal of the Nintendo Switch is that it is simple and marketable. It lacks the intimidation of the other big players of the industry but remains relevant to a gaming crowd.

One of my favorite stories came from a friend of mine. This young couple has a four-year-old boy. They were also lucky enough to pick up an NES Classic. They wanted to use the console to introduce gaming to their son. It would be in the same way they fell in love with gaming as kids. Sounds special right? Anyway, the boy played some of the classics we all know and love but his parents were concerned that he wasn’t really taken by the games as much as they’d hoped.

Instead of giving up, they went for a modern approach and bought a Nintendo Switch (of course it was partially a gift them too). As soon as they turned on the system, their son was sold. Being someone who grew up practically living in the world of Ocarina of Time, hearing that this four-year-old is trying to figure out Breath of the Wild day in and day out warms my heart. It’s one of the Nintendo Switch stories that feels more personal.

How Nintendo Switch Stories Show Its Influence

Nintendo Switch Stories - guys playing Nintendo SwitchIt seems like a common trend for people to pick up a Switch not knowing just how special its simplicity is. It’s massively appealing to an audience different than what the Wii was able to achieve. Not only that but it lacks the intimidation of its competitors. Somehow the Nintendo Switch is appealing to both gamers and non-gamers. The last time such a wide audience was attracted to a console was the Wii. Though the Nintendo Switch might not be the perfect console to broadcast as the entertainment system for old folk’s homes, The Switch designates with average families looking for harmless ways to entertain young ones.

The Nintendo Switch succeeds with appealing to the gamer audience with big hitter games like Breath of the Wild while maintaining appeal to kids without the intimidation of other consoles for non-gamer parents to purchase. What does this do, instead of being a kid told they can’t play video games, it places the Nintendo Switch into the hands of the younger generation. It’s harmless, fun and the perfect way for any kid to be introduced into the hobby.

Watching these kids grow up in a time where Zelda is the leading game on the market and Mario is right there to rival Breath of the Wild for Game of the Year is a reminder of Nintendo when I loved it. Of course, it’s all good and fun to pretend that your controller is a baseball bat or learn how to do yoga from your TV but the Wii wasn’t raising gamers. The Nintendo Switch stories that circulate confirms something special; whether it’s a child, significant other, mother, sibling or friend, the Nintendo Switch is a console bringing new gamers into our world. For that, Nintendo deserves a huge round of applause.

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