Are Video Games Actually Modern Art – 5 Games that Uniquely Rival the Controversy

Are video games art?

It’s a controversial subject; are video games art? It takes a certain amount of creativity, skill, and precision to bring together a video game. People work together creatively to deliver a product meant to inspire another group of people. If that doesn’t confirm that a video game can be art what will? Still, critics rise to create controversy around the popular subject.

The argument stems from critics claiming that video games do not compare to the world’s greatest dramatists, poets, filmmakers, novelists, and composers. They see the industry as a realm of entertainment, not something with enough merit to oppose legends in the art world.

Others challenge these critics with the idea that video games are one of the newest art forms. Considering a video games art perspective some boast that video games are indeed art and it’s due to their ability of each individual player having the opportunity to tailor artistic expression while playing certain games. There is no other form of entertainment that gives its audience or viewers capabilities of directly personalizing an artistic experience and actually visualize and living through their own idea.

Regardless of your personal opinion on the topic, some games work diligently to rival ideas of video games art argument. Some of the games on our list are surprising as not all have greatly influenced the industry. However, these games each appear on our list of unique reasons.

5. Are Vide Games Art – L.A. Noire Inherits Artistic Style from Other Entertainment

Are video games art LA NoireThe definition of the name, “L.A. Noire”, signals a stance on something wildly associated with art. Noire, often associated with stylized films dealing with the subject of crime. This style of film was popular in the 1940s and 50s throughout Hollywood. So what does the game do? It plays like one of these old artistic films while allowing the player to personally tailor the experience to themselves.

L.A. Noire is a standout game from a company that seems to be the cornerstone creators of the video games art moment, Rockstar Games. Most of their titles are renowned for their style. Red Dead Redemption, Grand Theft Auto, and more all stand as a pillar of style in the video game industry. If you are a gamer you know exactly what we are referring to when we admit that Rockstar games have style. L.A. Noire stands above the rest with a clever, creative take on how a video game can stylistically mimic the art of other entertainment. L.A. Noire does so while maintaining an individualistic approach to a unique narrative.

So, L.A Noire makes our ‘are video games art’ list because it does something no other game or entertainment piece has done before. It mimics a popular art style in an industry not widely associated with art. This is Rockstars vicious step in the outstanding controversy. If movies and novels can be art in Noire style, why can’t someone consider L.A. Noire the same?

4. Are Video Games Art – Assassins Creed II and the Showing of Culture

Are video games art Assassins Creed IIArt get influence from culture and vice versa. When a series like Assassins Creed depicts different cultures there’s no question that people are astonished. Not only does nearly the entire Assassins Creed series walk hand in hand with history books but one game, in particular, stands out from the crowd. Assassins Creed II focuses on the Italian Renaissance. Because of the time period that the video game is displaying, a lot of the characters and circumstances of the plotline are associated with some of the world’s most notable traditional artists.

Even though history is the primary draw to the Assassins Creed series, the development team merges that with their own fictional tale. The development team takes critical events from history and alters reality into fantasy. It’s a clever advancement in storytelling that nearly every Assassins Creed game approaches.

Because Assassins Creed II deals so directly with a time period associated with the expansion of art; this game from the series makes our list. But the entire Assassins Creed series is doing something that no other game touches. Due to its mix of history and fiction, Assassins Creed creates an environment completely unique. Its display of world culture is impressive and for that, we will always appreciate its approach to art.

3. Are Video Games Art – Portal and the Expansion of Reality

Are video games art PortalPortal is like an anthem to its fan base. This game created a sub-group of gamers all on its own however its reach in the video game industry isn’t the only reason that Portal is a substantial addition to our ‘are video games art’ list. In order to play Portal, you must approach the game with a sense of logic. Logic might be one of the most countering aspects of life when it comes to art. Somehow, someway this means of creative expression allows its audience to solve puzzles using logic while still granting them the freedom to approach the task with an opened imagination.

Portal is made with brainpower in mind. The games very premise seems more like a learning tool than a piece of art. Even though the complexity of a game like this can seem like the opposite of art that is what makes Portal the perfect subject of an artist’s critique.

An artist’s critique usually works through identification and distinguishing relationships between elements. Another critical standard for an art critic to deliberate is the purpose of the material. Portal falls right in line with flying colors in common criteria from a typical art critic. The games ability to merge the opposing terms, art, and logic, into one influential piece is something few other art forms achieve.