Finally Happy to See an HD Remastered Game and it’s With LA Noire

LA Noire HD Remastered - LA Noire HD Remake

With the release of the LA Noire HD Remastered game right around the corner its time, we finally appreciate the common trend. HD remakes seem to be a dime a dozen in the gaming industry. HD remastered games are the most popular trend in this gaming generation and many are growing very tired of seeing old games get a new life. Some go as far as to claim re-releasing games as robbery. But lets at least agree that we all have the rightful argument that new experiences are always a priority over blasts from the past.

The LA Noire HD Remastered game has us re-thinking the criticism on the common trend. This is the first time that re-releasing a game has sounded sweet since Microsoft brought us Rare Replay. After so many companies are bringing back old games, Rockstar seems to finally be doing the movement some justice.

LA Noire HD Remastered – Comparing the Options

LA Noire HD Remake Nintendo SwitchMost HD remakes seem to focus solely on graphical improvements. Of course, players love to see games looking their best, however, the value in a graphical upgrade is hardly worth the hefty price tag of an old fling. But Rockstar has more than just graphical improvements in mind with LA Noire. Part of the reason this HD remastered game gets high praise is its focus on the Nintendo Switch.

Xbox One and PS4 owners can expect a pretty classic take on an HD remake. There are lighting improvements. This will help the overall feel of the game and LA Noire is already known for a slightly artistic style. Also, enhanced cinematic camera angles and high-resolution textures make their way to Xbox One and PS4.

However, the Nintendo Switch proves the looks aren’t necessarily everything. Nintendo has a step over the competition and it has nothing to do with how the game will look. On Nintendo Switch, fans get console-specific features. With gesture-based controls and wide, over-the-shoulder camera angles the ante has risen. But LA Noire HD Remastered on Nintendo Switch doesn’t stop there, touchscreen controls and the portability capabilities make this the best place to play the upcoming re-release.

What Makes LA Noire HD Remastered Stand Out Among the Crowd?

LA Noire HD Remake Game ArtAgain, HD remakes and remastered games are common. LA Noire is offering a similar deal as other remastered games. They are giving players the full game, downloadable content, and upgrades. Also, the price is up there for something someone may have already bought into. That is a common complaint among fans and repaying to replay something that they already own. In fact, that’s what makes the Xbox One Backwards Compatibility program so popular. But there is still more value in this LA Noire HD Remastered than other HD collections, HD remakes, and other generalized rereleases.

LA Noire was very popular at its time. In 2011 players got a unique take on an interesting time period. The game plays more like a mystery novel reads. It can’t compare to another experience in the video game industry. Its uniqueness makes it such a worthy candidate of experiencing again. It’s hard to put a finger on how many HD remastered games there are but one thing is for certain, not all of them were stand-out games and some of them happened pretty close to their initial release date.

With LA Noire, enough time has passed to want to give the game another go.  The games initial release proves value over the competition. If the title was released in modern times then it would still probably catch some buzz. So, players who have yet to experience this game aren’t going to feel like they are stuck in the past.

LA Noire HD Remastered is the step that any HD remake or remastered game should consider before release. It’s nice to see an HD remake with some true value!