The Last of Us Part 2 Violence Will Guarantee Success and Not Just Because of Controversy

The last of Us Part 2 Violence Discussion

The Last of Us Part 2 violence is in conversation since the new trailer debut. During PGW, we got a look at a new trailer for The Last of Us Part 2. Critics were quick to jump on the games extreme focus on violence while fans defend its intensity. Really, The Last of Us Part 2’s violence is one of the most sell-able points of the game. It is what makes the game worthwhile. Where the critics disapprove we say, more power to you Naughty Dog; let’s drive that narrative home!

The Last of Us Part 2 trailer shows off violent moments where we are certain you’ll be able to pick out. The violence is right there in your face. At moments, it is almost hard to watch but that comes in a way in which pride in the company overtakes any sort of disapproval.

The Last of Us Part 2 violence isn’t something to shame, it’s something to honor. The topic walks hand in hand with another argument in the video game industry; it’s how a narrative focused game builds its value.

The Last of Us Part 2 Violence – Building Narrative

The Last of Us Part 2 Violence The HangingLet’s get one thing stright, I am a writer. I write books and have been sucessful in the field. Think about some of the world’s most famous books; just because the violence isn’t visible, it is an acceptable form of entertainment. Movies; sure they have come under fire for similar reasons, however, it is common for the most popular movies to feature violence beyond comprehension. Why do such popular forms of entertainment focus so much on violence? Because it builds the story. Because it’s not something that happens in an average person’s day to day life yet it is something that the mass majority understands.

Violence can be what sets an audience with a similar emotion; rush, fear, betrayal and more. These emotions in an audience are important to the growth of plot in the same way that seeing the first smile of a newborn baby feels your heart with joy. How does an audience feel loss, fear, anguish, and hate without pushing the limits of violence?

Of course, violence is never a ‘good thing’ but that is what makes it great at placing an audience of diverse individuals on the same page. When fans defend The Last of Us Part 2’s violence they are defending an emotion in which they want to be present during their experience with the game. Like PS4 reps themselves defend, this is a game made by adults for adults to play. The violence is sensible and with purpose. Unlike some bloodbath of an MMO styled game; The Last of Us Part 2 has a narrative focuse which means it needs the viewer to connect with the game on an emotional level. There would almost be no way that a game like this could succeed with highly censored content. Thus making violence a staple for story building.

The Last of Us Part 2 Violence – Around The Industry

The Last of Us Part 2 Violence KillingAlmost all successful franchises have dabbled into the realm of violence. Video game violence gets a bad rep over other forms of entertainment. This is due to players being able to control the actions of a character. However, in a game like The Last of Us Part 2, the violence is so much more linear that it’s not really the player choosing to perform a violent act as much as it is the writer showing you what happens next. While verses mode in a fighting game might plot players to beat each other up for no apparent reason, The Last of Us is a thought-provoking series with importance to every battle.

Other successful narratives in games also don’t shy away from violence for the same exact reasons as The Last of Us Part 2. Think about the rise and fall and then rise again of Call of Duty. The Modern Warfare franchise reached a high point when [Spoilers ahead] a few soldiers were burned alive due to greed. Call of Duty started to focus on less violent and grew closer to near immature content and fans disapprove. Now, WWII comes out with violent, gruesome details and fans are back to supporting the games campaign mode. And, Call of Duty is just one of many examples to describe in conjunction to The Last of Us Part 2.

The Last of Us Part 2 Violence – The Ending Verdict

The Last of Us Part 2 Violence Getting Captured

Any sort of controversy draws more attention to the subjects. There is no doubt that the violence controversy of The Last of Us Part 2 will sell more copies. Controversy isn’t the sole reason the game is going fly off of the shelve. Violence will almost guarantee success for this game because there is a clear picture painted by the development team. People love getting lost in a different world; it’s the foundation of good entertainment. The Last of Us Part 2 already has its sights set on taking people into a narrative that provokes emotion. Whether the emotion is positive or negative, all good stories must provide a release of emotion to sell a wide audience.

The Last of Us Part 2 violence is a topic of conversation because of its extremity. But this isn’t the first time a popular form of entertainment broke headlines due to violence. The Last of Us Part 2 is a game that relies on emotions associated with violence, beauty, and more for success. There is no doubt that the game will be about more than hanging girls and stabbing people through the eye; it’ll be an adventure of highs and lows that those seeking enjoyment in entertainment will find true value in.