Harvest Moon Light of Hope Steam Version Releases Prior to PS4 and Switch

Harvest Moon Light of Hope Steam Release

The Harvest Moon Light of Hope steam version is releasing this November. Steam is getting the release prior to the release of PS4 and Nintendo Switch version of the game. On November 14th Harvest Moon Light of Hope releases for Steam players for just $29.99.

This family oriented game is beloved by many. This is the first time the famed Harvest Moon brand is appearing on PC. And to top it off the release is just ahead of the console release which is slated for early 2018.

The President and CEO of Developer, Natsume, states, “Due to the hard work of our team, development for Harvest Moon: Light of Hope for PC ran ahead of schedule, allowing us to release the game early to PC players,” said Hiro Maekawa, “We have enjoyed creating an all-new game that honors 20 years of Harvest Moon, and what’s more, the franchise will finally be available for the first time on PC, something fans have long asked for!”

Harvest Moon Light of Hope Steam – What to Expect from the Game

Players begin this game with a fresh start and new surroundings. They voyage across the sea when suddenly a monsoon hits the ship forcing the player to be lost at sea. The player washes up in a small harbor where they take on the task of rebuilding the town. The cute concept speaks to series fans as we all know rebuilding the town will prove hard work and dedication!

Harvest Moon Light of Hope task players with growing crops, keeping livestock and gathering useful materials. In order to save the town players repair homes and build ships. With the use of a new addition, Farming Friends, players are able to abundantly grow crops. Players are also able to make friends and start families.

Join the fun on the first ever Harvest Moon Light of Hope steam version. Here you will be overtaken with joy by classic SNES styled graphics. Also, fans of the series will recognize some familiar faces. From other Harvest Moon titles. Due to high popularity, it’s a fans dream come true!