Nintendo Switch Holiday 2017 Line-Up is Killing its Competition with Nearly just One Game

Nintendo Switch Holiday 2017

The Nintendo Switch holiday line-up is impressive. For the first time in several years, Nintendo is ready to be the top dog in the gaming industry. From the booming success of Zelda Breath of the Wild, Splatoon and more; the Nintendo Switch is the gaming console fans were waiting for. Now we have a new game on the horizon and Mario is doing more than just turning heads this item. People are ready to jump into the World of Super Mario Odyssey, quiet frankly this is the only game Nintendo needs to plow through its competition this holiday season.

Xbox One should have a big year with the release of Xbox One X. But the lack of great games are making players weary on buying the world’s most powerful gaming console. Microsoft admits to the Xbox One x not being for everyone but the question is, is the Xbox One X really for anyone if there isn’t anything new to play on it? While Microsoft is clearly going to take a back seat to the booming success of the Nintendo Switch there still is another top player that Nintendo needs to have their eye on.

The Nintendo Switch holiday season is even ready to take down PS4 in my opinion. So far PS4 has done really well but that success has been a long time running. With huge mistakes on Xbox’ part there’s no question why PS4 quickly became the industries console of choice. With that being said the PS4 holiday season is relatively slow especially compared to Nintendo Switch and Xbox One X.

Nintendo Switch Holiday Success Rides on Mario Odyssey

Nintendo Switch Holiday Mario Odyssey

So far the news about Mario Odyssey has only been good. But fans still need to play the game to be sure. With its October 22nd release there isn’t much longer to wait to travel through lands with one of our favorite heroes. While the Nintendo Switch holiday season offers more than just Mario Odyssey, their is the single most anticipated game for the console and for good reason.

Other than Mario Odyssey, the system will offer some old games first appearance on Nintendo Switch. Games like Doom and L.A Noire are releasing for the first time on Nintendo Switch this Holiday season. Considering that they are older games that most gamers have already enjoyed we don’t feel like this is a console selling point.

Other than that the competition is slow. Xbox One doesn’t have any big holiday releases in store as most are coming quarter 1 of 2018. The PS4 is trying to stand with a few slower hitters like Gran Turismo Sport, Indie titles and VR releases. This is nothing compared to PS4 big hitters like the God of War, Uncharted or Last of Us series. This should be a slow holiday for PS4.

Nintendo Switch has the best Holiday line-up in the industry and it mostly focuses on Super Mario Odyssey. It is as if the other two powerhouse game companies aren’t even going to compete. Nintendo Switch has a great line-up of games other than Mario however it only took one big AAA game to crush completion.