ATLUS Announced Online Store with Pre-Orders for Persona 5 Merchandise

Persona 5 Merchandise ATLUS Store

ATLUS announces the launch of their online store; the “ATLUS Online Store”. This online retailer is offering fans a chance to nab pre-orders for Persona 5 merchandise along with other of our favorites at ATLUS. The store lists dozens of items for fans to purchase. This is the perfect chance to show off your fandom for ATLUS. And as we are sure our fans would want to know, one of the main games featured in the online store is Persona 5.

The items in the store are only available while supplies last. Also, please note that the items are only available in North America. To compliment the Persona 5 merchandise the ATLUS Online Store gives fans a chance to get plushies for Morgana and Jack Frost. They also show “Wanted” hoodies and “The Phantom Thieves” T-shirts.

For the first time outside of Anime Expo, fans are able to purchase officially licensed ATLUS merchandise. How exciting is that? Also, The ATLUS Online Store is opened for AX pre-orders merchandise in which ship out late November to early December.

ATLUS seeks to bring even more products to their fans however right now the list remains somewhat small. Take a look at the list below for Persona 5 merchandise along with other popular ATLUS items.

Persona 5 Merchandise Among ATLUS Officially Licensed Products

  • “The Phantom Thieves” t-shirt
  • Wanted” hoodie
  • Morgana plush
  • Jack Frost plush
  • “Take Your Heart” pin

If you want to get your hands on some of this cool stuff then check out the official website by clicking here. Also, remember that these items are available in North America while supplies last. In that case, if there is something you just have to have then don’t wait too long to buy in.

It’s great to see ATLUS stepping up and making their cool products available online instead of just at AX. This gives their community more of a opportunity to buy in and have some really cool items.