5 Xbox One Game Sequels We Hope We Never See Become Reality

Xbox One Game Sequels We Hope Don't Actually Happen

Most people would assume we’d want to see Xbox One game sequels right? Well in the case of Xbox One, things have been a bit of a struggle to say the least. Xbox One exclusive games have been few and far between. With the release of Xbox One X you’d expect more Xbox exclusive games to be storming the store shelves. However, that is not the case.

Unfortunately for Xbox fans, games have been a little on the bare side. With that being said, there are some Xbox One exclusive games available. Well, some of those where just… okay… as well. No one needs to say it, Xbox needs to get their act in gear. We need to start seeing some new IP’s exclusive to Microsoft and for that we plead that these 5 games never get a sequel.

These are a list of 5 Xbox One game sequels we hope never come to life. Let’s get real, Xbox One needs a big AAA game like something no one has ever seen before. If any of these 5 games get another installment, Xbox will suffer.

5 Xbox One Game Sequels We Hope We Never See

5. Sunset Overdrive

Xbox One Game Sequels Sunset Overdrive

Talk about a game with a huge sum of potential. Sunset Overdrive could be the best new Xbox One exclusive game that turned heads. The game has a cool feel that’s for sure but somehow the game still missed its mark. The concept was there but its didn’t follow through with an impressive plot or addicting multiplayer. It is simply stuck in the realm of being ‘almost cool’. It felt like an Old Tony Hawk game reinvented to be modern and hip which is where it went right. But Sunset Overdrive didn’t follow through with becoming the memory it could have been.

4. Recore

Xbox One Game Sequels Recore

Recore has a cute concept but it just doesn’t stand out in the crowd. The genre that follows robot adventures is crowded as it. It would have to be a stand-out game to really make a huge impact on a large audience. It was an okay game. The character doesn’t compete with Lara Croft, Nathan Drake or Marcus Fenix; she’s a wallflower, unrecognizable and somewhat dull. Recore doesn’t take place in a jaw-dropping world with a compelling story. It’s a time waster and no game should feel so “okay” that it’s just wasting the player’s time. Unfortunately Recore doesn’t stand up with Xbox greats and for that we hope to see and early retirement to make room for something new and exciting.

3. Ryse Son of Rome

Xbox One Game Sequels Ryse Son of Rome

When you take a cool time period sometimes cool games come out of it but not in Ryse Son of Rome’s case. This title was a launch title for Xbox One so there was a lot of weight on its shoulders. It doesn’t really have the upgraded feeling it should have from the switch between Xbox 360’s time to Xbox Ones. It got generically good reviews but that could have been due to the excitement of the new console generation. Unfortunately the game fell somewhat flat in comparison to other Xbox greats.

2. Crimsom Dragon

Xbox One Game Crimson DragonIt feels horrible to put this game on our Xbox One game sequels list but there is no other choice. A rail shooter centered on dragons that sounds awesome. It’s easy to think something like that seems cool. This game was another title with a concept that just ends before it gets good. This game is a spiritual successor to the Panzer Dragoon due to the same team. A spin-off even hit mobile devices after its release. The game got pretty big after its Games with Gold run however that is about as far as the love for the title goes. It was cool for the first 3 minutes then it fell down the hole of repetitive nature. Dragons are awesome, everyone knows that but maybe next time Xbox can make some room for a Dragon game with a little more substance; maybe even something that we haven’t seen before.

1. Kinect Sports Rivals

Xbox One Game Kinect Sports RivalsFirst of all, this game stands for literally all Kinect exclusive titles ever. We are using Kinect Sports Rivals on our Xbox One game sequels list because its about time the Kinect fully retires. Originally Xbox One forced the Kinect onto gamers but they quickly learned that this isn’t want fans want. They figured this out just after the release of Kinect Sports Rivals however. So yeah, let’s use this title as a way to say we hope that we never see a game tailored to the Kinect ever again. No Xbox One game sequels for the Kinect should ever be made ever, ever, ever again please.