Appreciating the Music of Breath of the Wild

Music of Breath of the Wild Link with Bow

There is something special about the music of Breath of the Wild. Music in the Zelda series is some of the best pieces you will hear in gaming. There is a soothing quality to the background tunes as you experience the world. When there is danger you not only see it, you hear it too. The high quality of music goes for the entire Zelda series not just Breath of the Wild. The Legend of Zelda is without a doubt one of the prettiest sounding games out there. When you combine the tranquil, serene environment with the magic of one of the best legends of all time, there must be a specific sound. Nintendo has that sound perfectly crafted and Breath of the Wild is here to prove it.

One of the first things that threw fans off about Breath of the Wild is the lack of a musical instrument. Link is no stranger to playing interments; The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time is even named after the games instrument. Of course, not all Legend of Zelda games have featured a musical instrument however most of the more modern games in the series have honored Links will to play. The music of Breath of the Wild takes a different approach. The different rout is one of the most genius moves Nintendo made with their newest Zelda game.

Music of Breath of the Wild – Honoring the Whole Series

While in development, an immediate problem kindles with Breath of the Wild. The problem was the sound of the game. How was a game that is so classically heard going to top series past by releasing a new sound for this ambitious installment? Over 70 million players can already visualize this pointy eared hero galloping through a field with a specific sound ringing through the background. To give the music of Breath of the Wild any particular sound could prove catastrophic if not done to the exact quality that so many expect. Nintendo was on a tightrope due to the standard one grew to expect of them.

Instead of rewriting all of the music they took memorable sounds of series past. These are what you hear while you enter areas; remixed with their own twists. Near stables you might find Epona’s song lightly humming in the background or played on a loud accordion over the light tapping of a new beat. Also you can appreciate Rito village and the mix of Skyward Sword’s melodies; all while Zora’s Domain starts so familiar but holds a unique rhythm. New elements mix with these familiar ones. It makes for the perfect mix of familiar yet far from completely accustomed.

All of these familiar sounds compliment the new sounds of celebrate characters such as Mipha. The new music of Breath of the Wild is almost so light you don’t even notice it and then, pop, the rush of the sound of a guardian forces your sense of sound to guide your attention to the danger. All together it is the perfect mix. The appreciation of the music in Breath of the Wild can go on for a decade; n the memory of these sounds will probably last that long anyway!

Music of Breath of the Wild – Link’s Talent

Music of Breath of the Wild Link Defends ZeldaThe background music of Breath of the Wild isn’t the only conundrum Nintendo faced during the games development. Fans recognize Link as a hero who uses musical instruments to aid him in his travels. Some of the best Zelda series songs of all time are played in game by Link himself. This immediately brings about high expectation that Nintendo must meet to keep the entire game among the best of the well-respected series.

Instead of planting an Ocarina between Link lips or bringing something different for him to master, they left him be. Giving the hero an Ocarina could seem over-played; it could throw off an otherwise perfect balance. At this point, other instruments would seem unfitting. The music of Breath of the Wild took thought because the rest of the game was already hitting the perfect note (pun intended). And to maintain this balance they didn’t force the skill among Link. Link remains without an instrument it simply wouldn’t fit with the poise of the rest of the game.

There is a high focus on Links sword craft and abilities rather than how music guides him. Because he is without a sound, it brings more attention to the beauty of the rest of the music. Instead of Link stealing the spotlight with his own concert, the player can appreciate the light melodies humming in the environment. Anyone could claim Breath of the Wild to have a beautiful environment while others realize that the beauty extends far past what the eye can see. Link is in the spotlight but doesn’t force the musical element. This fits in well with Breath of the Wild. It is the element that brings this unexplained balance to the entire game.

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