Emoji Blitz Haunted Mansion Event Kicks off Today

Emoji Blitz haunted Mansion Event

The Emoji Blitz Haunted Mansion event begins today and runs through October 16th. In this event ghosts take over your board. Instead of the traditional timed game, the mobile hit changes for a ‘life bar’ system. As Ghost fill the player’s board they must use a power-up to take them out. As time ages, ghosts get angry and disappear. When the ghost disappears a portion of the players life bar depletes. This process goes on until the player runs out of life.

Fans anticipate the twist on this game mode. The Emoji Blitz Haunted Mansion event takes players from what they are used to. In exchange for playing the event, players receive awards for the number of ghosts they defeat. There is a traditional chest system for the number of Haunted Mansion Ghosts defeated. As you open more chests, the next chest requires more ghost to open.

The best part about this event is the rewards. Why play an event without a good reward system. While the reward system for the Emoji Blitz Haunted Mansion event mimics others. The end prize it what has us so excited.

Emoji Blitz Haunted Mansion Event – More than just Angry Ghouls

At the end of the event the player receives a diamond chest. In the diamond chest, players will receive and emoji of a classic Haunted Mansion themed character. While this event is running, players also have the opportunity to purchase a diamond chest. Each of the games diamond chest costs the usual 200 red crystals. The diamond chest features one of the Haunted Mansion Ghost emoji characters. What a cool way for Disney to share appreciation of the Halloween season!

Don’t miss your chance to take part in this new event. Remember, the event only runs until October 16th so start early for your best chance at the free diamond box at the end.
Emoji Blitz is a mobile game where players use emoji style Disney characters to complete challenges. Also, the goal of the goal of the game is to unlock as many emoji characters as possible.