I Didn’t See How Dinosaurs Fit into Mario Odyssey But Now I Do

Dinosaurs in Mario Odyssey

Mario Odyssey is Nintendo next big hit game. To see city skylines, different worlds and dinosaurs in Mario Odyssey had me sweating. Granted, I am used to seeing this little man kick butt around the Mushroom Kingdom. By no means have I ever thought watching Mario run around a mock-up of New York City would ever be “cool”. As much as I anticipated Mario Odyssey for being the 3D platformer, I didn’t expect the game to do something that put me off. The first thing that concerned me was the different worlds and graphical switches.

So, I was bitter to say the least. Like a child, I sat watching with my arms crossed and lower lip poked out. Super Mario Odyssey isn’t the Super Mario game I was expecting. I just couldn’t see how Dinosaurs in Mario Odyssey would stand next to a character like Yoshi. I couldn’t wrap my mind around how short and stocky man, Mario, fit in with the long, lean people striding the streets of New Donk City. But maybe that put-off feeling was really just me getting my mind blown.

Dinosaurs in Mario Odyssey- So What?

Dinosaurs in Mario Odyssey New Donk CityThen I sat down with it. I gave the game a reluctant try at E3 and I’ve followed all the bits of news centered around it. Soon I found myself excited to see what comes next. Now, I’m sitting here with a pre-order and goose-bumps waiting for its arrival. But what changed my heart? How could I go from being a bitter, closed-minded jerk to a strong, happy supporter?

The first instance where I noticed a change in thought is the overall plot line of the game. The story makes fluctuating worlds seem plausible. Before I figured, Mario hadn’t had the need to switch realities before so after 25+ years why must he now? But the story line brought the whole thing into perspective. And the best part about this is, it seems like ‘Mario’. Before, I figured that the game didn’t seem like ‘Mario’.

Secondly, I feel like Super Mario Odyssey mirrors what I love about Super Mario 64. In my opinion Super Mario 64 is the best Super Mario game. I enjoyed Super Mario 64 much more than Mario Sunshine, Mario Galaxy and any of the 2D platformer games. Before you attack the guy for saying he doesn’t like the “change worlds” aspect of Mario Odyssey but loves Mario 64 hear me out. In Mario 64 you only morphed into paintings, they weren’t worlds with their own laws, styles and physics. The paintings seemed to be part of the Mushroom Kingdom; they were cohesive. Mario Odyssey closely mirrors what Mario 64 did and if that wasn’t too far of a jump than Cappy shouldn’t be either.

Next, I found myself falling in love with this little guy named Cappy. First, the idea of Mario changing his hat didn’t set right. Now I am looking forward to seeing all the cool different outfits Mario will wear and how they will actually play into the mechanics of the game.

As I was once a doubtful critic I am now seeing that with skyscrapers, life-sized food and dinosaurs in Super Mario Odyssey, there is just more to love when it comes to Nintendo’s next big move. Super Mario Odyssey is actually making the Mario franchise Innovative again; that is something to be proud of. From this point forward, never shall I doubt something for looking different again. This is how great gamers are born. PS4 and Xbox One should take note of what Nintendo is doing.