Top 5 2017 Video Games to Look Out For Before the Year Ends

Top 5 Upcoming 2017 video games

These top 5 2017 video games should be on your radar. Although the games are still slated for release, the potential that they show are leaps and bound above competition. 2017 has a variety of great looking games coming out. It is up for debate weather this year is the best gaming year since the release of Xbox One and PS4. So far we have seen mega hits like The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, Resident Evil 7 and more. While they have been fantastic the upcoming 2017 video games look just as good. Take a look at our choices for the top 5 2017 video games that we are still waiting to dive into.

Top 5 2017 Video Games – Upcoming Great Releases

5. Star Wars Battlefront II

2017 Video Games Star Wars Battlefront II

Star Wars Battlefront II just hit it big with their opened beta. Fans around the globe are looking forward to this of the 2017 video games. This title cracks number 5 on our list because of its popularity and clear improvements. This time around, Star Wars battlefront is bringing players a campaign mode. Also, the campaign mode looks exciting and engaging. To add to the hype of Star Wars Battlefront II, the games multiplayer beta went over very well with the audience. So why is it as low as number 5 on our list? Because although the game looks fantastic, the fear of micro transaction advantages keeps some from wanting to dive it. Star Wars Battlefront II seems too fun to keep off of our list although this game barely crack our top 5 due to population fears.

4. Wolfenstein II The New Colossus

2017 Video Games Wolfenstein II

There is one thing that is abundantly clear about Bethesda; they make quality games that deliver exactly as promised. People can all agree that Bethesda takes special care in the creation of their unique worlds. Wolfenstein II is Bethesda’s upcoming release and we are thrilled to jump in and watch the quality unfold. Bethesda has yet to release something that feels unfinished which makes each of their titles automatically hold value in our hearts. As a standalone, Wolfenstein II looks fantastic but with Bethesda being its home it can pretty much be guaranteed a great game. Part of our top 4 2017 video games? I think yes!

3. Assassins Creed Origins

2017 Video Games Assassins Creed Origins

Assassins Creed Origins is the first Assassins Creed game in years to look so polished. Another draw to Ubisofts next installment is it gripping time period. After a few years of missing out on these games, Assassins Creed Origins seems like the perfect place to jump back onto the band wagon. Assassins Creed games have all had something in common; they are beautiful and unique from other industry trends. We are very proud to welcome Assassins Creed Origins into our life and our list of 2017 video games to look forward to.

2. Call of Duty WWII

2017 Video Games Call of Duty WWII

Okay, all we need to say is, “Boots are back on the ground.” That should be enough to have most Call of Duty fans jumping for joy. Over the past few years the futuristic trend has kept the authentic, rustic feeling from the Call of Duty series. Now we can rejoice as the series has sunk back in time to WWII again. This game looks like it has a well-rounded mode set. We are very excited to see what the game has to offer via campaign mode as well as take part in Zombies and Multiplayer. Call of Duty WWII is the most impressive looking COD game in years. It is more than deserving of a little attention!

1. Super Mario Odyssey

2017 Video Games Mario Odyssey

Its doesn’t get much better looking than Super Mario Odyssey. This game looks so fantastic we have to pun, “Hats off to Nintendo!” On a game in which its first review was a perfect score we think that’s a decent indication why this title is number 1 on our list. This is a 3D platformer similar to past hits like Super Mario 64 and Mario Galaxy. The Nintendo Switch is the perfect home for this Super Mario redemption game and we cannot wait to jump in and find out what all the fuss is about.


Guest Poster: Ryan Gonzales