Video Game Swag Bag Giveaway – Win Our Gamer Swag

Video Game Swag Bag Giveaway

Who doesn’t want a chance to win a video game swag bag giveaway? Our latest giveaway features some awesome stuff that we collected for you from fun events. Events like E3, Comic Con GameStop Expo and more all have their fair share of cool swag. We aren’t hogs, we want to share it with our dedicated readers!

So, you want to learn how to win this stuff. Its easy to participate in our video game swag bag giveaway. All that we ask of you is to navigate over to our Instagram page and give us a follow. All of our corrent followers are already considered entered into this giveaway. If you want more ways to win then leave a comment on this page. Let us know which upcoming game you are most looking forward to playing in your comment for another chance to win.

Video Game Swag Bag Giveaway – What’s Included

Video Game Swag Bag Giveaway

We want to give you guys a well-rounded selection in this giveaway so we pulled cool items from a bunch of different genres. The list below has what is included for our one very special winner.

  • A UbiWork shop drawstring backpack
  • WatchDogs 2 three button collectors set
  • A pack of Elder Scrolls collectors cards
  • A set of four Sea of Thieves collectors buttons
  • A Sea of Thieves tattoo sleeve
  • A set of Sea of Thieves themed playing cards
  • Comic Con exclusive The Walking Dead Lanyard
  • Sticker set featuring Far Cry 5, Assassins Creed Origins and Ubisoft brand
  • E3 exclusive Minecraft Creeper collectors pin
  • South Park the Fracture But Whole button set
  • The Last Guardian large T-Shirt

Now that’s what we call some cool swag. If you want even more chances to win then head on over to our friends at They are featuring a giveaway identical to ours with similar and unique items. Due to our friendship we hope to bring more collaborations like this to the table soon. You can check them out by clicking here.

Our video game swag bag giveaway ends on November 10th 2017. Also, make sure to check out both of our giveaways for the best odds at winning. Thank you all for being here. We always take the opportunity to show our readers appreciation through giveaways just like these!

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  1. Probably most excited for Kingdom Hearts 3 and Dragonball Xenoverse 2. I followed on Instagram, thanks for the giveaway.

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