New Saints Row 5 Might Turn back to its Roots after Agents of Mayhem

New Saints Row 5 Influenced by Agents of Mayhem

*The editorial you are reading is based off of opinion and speculation on a possible new Saints Row 5. All speculation made on the date this article was published.*

Fans were really hoping for a new Saints Row 5 game when developer, Volition, brought us Agents of Mayhem. Agents of Mayhem is a whacky, over-the-top spin-off to the Saints Row series. There is still yet to be any official conformation on anything new for the Saints Row series. Due to the Saints Row series popularity it wouldn’t be a surprise if the SR series is Volitions next move.

Die-hard fans are no stranger to the split between Saints Row’s audience. After the fan favorite Saints Row 2 game, Volition took a turn in the plot and development of the series. Instead of the game staying true to its funny but yet still engaging street plot they sold out to fart jokes, dildo weapons, presidency and other corny nonsense. Needless to say,  old fans experienced more than a little letdown. Those who didn’t care about the series before began turning heads to the now whacky title. Thus creating a split between Saints Rows past and what new fans grew to expect.

Anyway, Saints Row went from whacky to worse as Saints Row IV welcomed aliens as the games main villain. The game tried to bridge the gap between the split by making Saints Row 2 references but previous fans were still not having it. In farther attempts to bridge the gap Volition released Gat out of Hell. Still, most Saints Row 1-2 fans felt that they had no place following the series. If a new Saints Row 5 game was announced then half of their audience might not even care at this point.

So, now we find ourselves at the next game in Volitions line-up, Agents of Mayhem. Of course, it’s not a Saints Row game. That is precisely the reason why those old fans might want to keep a new Saints Row 5 game in mind.

Why Agents of Mayhem might Turn a New Saints Row 5 Game towards Saints Row 2’s style

Of course, remember that this is all speculation from a die-hard Saints Row 2 fan. But when you look at a game like Agents of Mayhem, you can only have hope that a new Saints Row 5 game will dial back the humor that sent the Saints to outer space. Agents of Mayhem is over-the-top and it mimics a lot of what the Saints Row series came to be at Saints Row IV. In Saints Row IV, players were no stranger to high-jumps, cheesy humor and neon effects similar to Agents of Mayhem.

This might indicate that Agents of Mayhem is Volitions attempt at removing that sort of style from the Saints Row series. Why would they need two games with such similarities virtually in the same series but branded with different names?

Also, there are multiple ways that they can go back-in-time with Saints Rows plot. They have every capability to time travel with where they put the series at the end of Saints Row IV. Some think the Saints Row IV game is a “movie” that will flop in theaters. In that case it would take us back to where Saints Row: The Third ended. There are near limitless possibilities on where Volition can pick up the plotline of the Saints Row series aside from having Agents of Mayhem extract the corny humor.

As of now, anything could happen. But this Saints Row 2 fan hopes to someday see Saints Row honor where it came from.