How to get Call of Duty WWII Beta Codes – Play the Game Before it Releases

Call of Duty WWII beta codes PS4 and Xbox One

Update: In addition, news dropped that Call of Duty beta codes are available for all Comcast Xfinity internet service subscribers as well. If you are a subscriber visit this page and enter in your account number. If you are not a Comcast Xfinity subscriber the rest of this article has info for your way in.

Ah, Call of Duty WWII beta codes, everyone under the sun wants to give this game a try. Players around the world are looking forward to getting their hands on this year’s Call of Duty title. Finally, Call of Duty is back to the ‘boots-on-ground’ concept. Fans of the gritty actions struggled to connect with the past few futuristic, robot-kill, jet-pack wearing Call of Duty games. Now, the franchise is going back to its roots and creating something that so many fans are looking forward to.

Call of Duty beta codes are in very high demand. Because so many players want to get their hands on one of these codes, getting one teaks some extra commitment. The Call of Duty WWII beta is a private beta. That means you can’t simply just sign up and get a code. You actually have to pre-order the game in order to participate in the games beta.

Call of Duty WWII Beta Codes and How to Participate

call-of-duty-wwii-beta-codes-exclsuive-packIf you have no problem pre-ordering the game than you will get access into the games beta. PlayStation has an exclusive deal going with Activision. This gives those who pre-order on PS4 a little bit of an edge. PS4 players can play the beta starting August 25th- August 28th. PS4 fans play a week before Xbox One players get their hands dirty with their Call of Duty beta codes.

Getting an early look at this years most anticipated title isn’t the only incentive to playing the beta. Also, those who get beta access are awarded the “MP Private Beta Combat Pack” when the game releases. The exclusive pack comes with a helmet for your character, an exclusive calling card and an exclusive emblem.

If you already pre-ordered the game then head on over to the Call of Duty WWII beta site and input your unique 13-digital code. Anyone who participated in the pre-order of the game (at participating retailers) can input their Call of Duty WWII beta codes now and get all set up when the event goes live.

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