Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Coop Gameplay Video – Devs Show off Cooperative mode

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Coop Gameplay Video

This Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Coop gameplay video shows exactly what to expect from playing this game with your friends. The games lead producer and creative director show how to work with a friend in new strategies and tactics. The goal with this mode was to challenge the players in a different way. Also, the cooperative mode helps players to communicate and find new ways to play.

As you can see from the Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle coop gameplay video below, the developers explain how to access this mode. You can reach the Cooperative mode right outside of Peaches castle. The Rabbids bring a “Buddy Dome” with them to the Mushroom Kingdom. In the Buddy Dome players are able to get to unique challenges to play with friends. A series of battles challenge the player with different objectives. Some of these challenges include reaching new areas, defeating a specific number of enemies or escorting missions. In addition, players can choose their character and personalize their weapons for the mission.

The cooperative battles follow a two player design. Each player chooses two characters for their Kingdom Battles team. The teams must work together to complete the objective. This is interesting as it promotes new strategies as well as communication among the players. Also, the Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle coop gameplay video shows the developers choosing a ‘loadout’ for their team. Each character they show are chosen for different reason and their minor weapon customization farther demonstrates their tactics. As a result, players get a unique experience each time they play.

Also, check out the video below for a closer look at the developers completing an escort mission. In the video, the player escorts Toad and Toadette to safety. You can see them work together effectively with well though out goals in order to complete the mission. The cooperative mode in this title seems very cool. This is definitely something that will be easy to play over and over again with friends.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Coop Gameplay Video

Finally, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle releases exclusively for Nintendo Switch on August 29th. This game will be fun for the whole family. Most of all, this game is an interesting collaboration between Nintendo and Ubisoft. Many players are excited due to its uniqueness.

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