Spot-on Pokemon Trainer Cosplay by The Spears Sisters

Pokemon Trainer Cosplay by The Spears Sisters

Our very own cosplay duo, fan girls and all around gorgeous people recently finished their Pokemon trainer cosplay shoot. The Spears Sisters have made it their mission to respect, recreate and photograph images from their favorite games. Their recent shoot focuses on their love for Pokemon, our site co-founder and senior Editor, Heather Spears, as Hilda and her sister, our editor and the stunning real working model, Sarah Spears, as Serena.

Pokemon Trainer Cosplay The Spears SistersThe Spears Sisters take pride in the whole “DIY” trend in the cosplay world. In these shots, the girls are responsible for more than what meets the eye. Just as in all their photo-shoots, The Spears Sisters are always responsible for making their costume, the photography and photo edits.

In this Pokemon trainer cosplay photo shoot, Heather made both girl’s outfits. A tripod and the camera’s timer helped the girls take the shots together. They didn’t have a third person helping them in this shoot. Yes, one of the girls had to run back into the shot and pose during a ten second countdown.

Heather made comments about the setup they had for this shoot. She said,

“It’s tough to run back and fourth then pose to get a good shot in such a short amount of time. I can’t even begin to describe to you how many times we took a shot with one of us moving. There is this picture that was so bad that I don’t even want to describe it!”

We know there are other ways to do it but we don’t have the most modern equipment. These pictures are pretty much us working with what we have. My camera I nice but it’s not something that you’d really see a photographer using. (laughs)

Pokemon Trainer Cosplay The Spears Sisters

Locations always mean a lot when doing a cosplay shoot. Pokemon is a unique series that honors many different locations from cities to forests. Placing a trainer anywhere could look the part. Any Pokemon fan would agree that “tall grass” and wilderness locations are the best to resemble the game / anime series.

Choosing where to shoot a thing like this is tricky, especially with setting up a tripod in public.

When we asked Heather about the location of the Pokemon trainer photo-shoot she laughed,

“This one was actually in a park. We tried our best to find a quiet corner where people couldn’t really see us because from the outside, I’m sure it looked funny. These were taken at a time when Pokemon Go was really popular too and the park was a gym location.”

Please enjoy the pictures from The Spears Sisters Pokemon trainer cosplay photo-shoot in the gallery below. The girls have more cosplay photo shoots to come in the near feature. While they lovevideo game most of all, some of their other shoots include super heroes / villains, TV show characters and more. Please remember to check out The Spears Sisters via their instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Pokemon Trainer Cosplay Photos – The Spears Sisters as Hilda and Serena