How to Play as Johnny Gat in Agents of Mayhem

Johnny Gat in Agents of Mayhem

UPDATE: Johnny Gat in Agents of Mayhem has been released as stand alone DLC. Now, everyone should be able to play as the fan favorite gangster.

Original: Johnny Gat in Agents of Mayhem? This new spin-off just got a whole lot more interesting. When it comes to a Saints Row spin-off, you have to expect Saints Row characters. When Volition announced that fan favorite Johnny Gat would be playable in their new open-world action adventure game, fans took the bait. Now that the game is just days away from its release, fans are wondering how they will get to play as the fan favorite character.

To play as Johnny Gat in Agents of Mayhem, things are a little tricky. Gat is not available as a default character in the game. Only players who preorder Agents of Mayhem from Game Stop will unlock the series badass. Since this is a Game Stop exclusive character, nabbing him aside from purchasing at Game Stop is a little bit tough.

Steam fans who purchase the Digital Edition of the game also get dibs on Johnny Gat. However, console fans have to remember that their deal isn’t the same as Steam players. If you pre-order the digital version for console you will unlock a character named Lazardus instead on famed Johnny Gat.

Getting ahold of Gat is proving to be difficult for console players who prefer to get the game aside from GameStop. It is currently unknown if Gat will be able to be purchased as DLC at a later point. As of now, if you want your hands on Jonny Gat in Agents of Mayhem then its best to stick with the GameStop per-order.

Until then, enjoy another look at what this character looks like in the game. Johnny Gat is a lean, mean and very popular killing machine. This trailer reminds us all why we must get Agents of Mayhem at GameStop

Johnny Gat in Agents of Mayhem Trailer

Agents of Mayhem releases for Xbox One, PS4 and PC on August 15th 2017. Per-ordering the game anywhere gets you access to a 6 skin DLC pack titled “Legal Action Pending”. Check out our full Agents of Mayhem – Ultimate Game Guide in our Game Library or click here.

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