Call of Duty WWII Headquarters – Explained, Detailed and Hyped

Call of Duty WWII Headquarters Details

The September issue of Game Informer details the massively anticipated Call of Duty WWII Headquarters mode. If you don’t know what “Headquarters” means, think of it like a really cool sounding social space. While it’s not really a ‘game mode’, it is truly unique and impressive. Even in the modern gaming society it’s easy to consider Call of Duty WWII Headquarters groundbreaking.

Call of Duty WWII Headquarters is a 48 player social hub. The big draw is that you have the option to take part in activities. Its unique premise is set up perfectly fitting for games time period. Headquarters takes place three days after D-Day where players will spend time between multiplayer rounds. This is where you can open up loot boxes for customization items. Heck, you can watch others open boxes for a unique reward of your own. Here there are supplies, vehicles, other players and more. But the fun doesn’t stop there.

The coolest part about this area is that you can use it sort of like a base. There is a firing range where you can try out the games weapons. It seems like it is best described as a hang-out or hub that players can enjoy without the constant competitive rush of multiplayer.

Call of Duty WWII Headquarters – What All Can you Do in this Social Hub?

Call of Duty WWII Headquarters Details

This is the prime spot to group together for Nazi zombies or compline a beastly multiplayer team. Also, for you social chickens out there, don’t worry they plan on placing objects like balls around Headquarters to kick around. That along with the period accurate customizable options should be enough to drag the anti-social out of their shell.

You’d think that Headquarters would be a more private approach to multiplayer. One might think this based on its complexity, however, the developers have confirmed this not to be the case. Sledgehammer reminds players that the multiplayer Headquarters does allow proximity-based chat. Those trying to meet new people without the trash talk of a typical game might be able to do so.

To dive in deeper with Call of Duty WWII Headquarters, it is also noted that players will easily be able to jump into a 1v1 space. Yep, the perfect place to show off skills! This area is known as “The Pit” and we can already tell it will be very popular among the competitive / showoff crowd. The Pit is also a fun place to watch so anyone planning to show off can expect to perform in front of an audience.

Headquarters is most definitely a hub for all things multiplayer Call of Duty and we can see this being something that attracts a large and respectable audience. They plan on keeping players coming back with weekly quests for special rewards. Not only are weekly quest set to catch extra attention but “dynamic events” will keep players on their toes in a more cooperative way.

Call of Duty WWII Headquarters – Conclusion to the ‘Modes’ Introduction

Call of Duty WWII Headquarters DetailsIn conclusion, the social elements of Call of Duty Headquarters are what make this installment one of the most impressive in the series. Players should take part socially to acquire even more supply drops. Here it is easy to track leaderboards, look at friends, follow streams, check your messages and find out the latest Call of Duty news.

Finally, Call of Duty has a unique arena for multiplayer. Additionally, who would have thought newness would come in the form of Headquarters? This is the most immersive step we’ve seen for the Call of Duty franchise in years. Call of Duty WWII launches on November 3rd on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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