SDCC Crackdown 3 Game Details that E3 didn’t Show Us

Sdcc Crackdown 3 Panel

The SDCC Crackdown 3 panel was impressive. It housed game details that fans expected to see at E3. That’s right, Xbox’s biggest panel at the show was funny, exciting and chalk full of interesting information. First and foremost, Larry Herb hosted the panel. The speakers at the panel were important figures from the game including Clint Bandrick, John Goff, Dave Johnson and surprise guest, Terry Crews.

The panel kicked off with a showing of the Crackdown 3 E3 2017 game trailer; you know, the funny one with Terry Crews perfectly fitting the Crackdown image. The actor explains just why being in video games means so much to him. You can read more about that in our Terry Crews in Crackdown 3 – SDCC Gives Deeper look into Personal Involvement post.

Of course, the panel features a lot of laughs about the actor’s size, body fat percentage and over-the-top personality. That wasn’t the only thing that made this panel hit so well with fans. It was packed with information and a Q & A session that lead to entertaining topics. One of the funnier moments is when the team behind crackdown shows a behind the scene video of taking armor off of Terry Crews’ arms because ‘they didn’t hire Terry Crews to hide his guns’. Things like that that not only made the crowd smile but it also build hype for the upcoming Xbox exclusive.

SDCC Crackdown 3 – Behind the Scenes

Sdcc Crackdown 3 Panel

The panel explains just how over-the-top they plan on making Crackdown 3. From a sneak peek to character design models and even more story details, this panel had it all. It was really interesting to see the behind the scenes video featuring Terry Crews. He is dressed from head to toe in mocaps in the video. The actions he performs during the video seem even more extreme than what is shown in the game. Terry’s performance went along perfectly in the Isaac Jaxson reveal trailer. It is even more heartwarming to learn that Crews’ character is named after his son, Isaac.

We also got to listen in on an in-depth conversation about how important character and costume design is in the game. It is the teams goal to make the characters larger-than-life. If you know anything about past Crackdown games you may already know that one of the main points to the game is leveling up your agent. In the SDCC Crackdown 3 panel we listened in on the team discussing how important it is to them to make the playable characters large while also showing significant growth in power between the different levels of agent. They take pieces of milled technology and add to it as it makes sense as you level up. Their designs are deliberately done while making the characters appear extremely badass.

The team defiantly stress the importance of the agents design but they also pay tribute to the games villains. They discussed that their villains are all unique with their own personalities and agendas.  They made a bunch of villains that players will love to hate. On top of that, their villains are each as badass as their heroes.

SDCC Crackdown 3 – What’s New?

Sdcc Crackdown 3 Panel

SDCC Crackdown 3 panel dropped even more details on the games story. We learned that it take place decades after the first two games. Also, there will be mentions of the first games gangs and the second’s virus however this title has its own dilemma that takes center stage. A global blackout traces to an island. Agents deploy to investigate the prominent issue. They find that a terrorist group with ideas of total world domination is behind the turmoil. It is your job to take out enemies, fight against retaliations and level your way up to the top.

The setting is entirely new. Crackdown 3 is a true opened world game. That means straight from the start you can explore anywhere and take a bite out of what you choose. With the freedom, the team didn’t want to slow players down through cinematics but they also felt it was important to honor story. They came up with an interesting solution involving a module called “Feed Jacks”. Using Feed Jacks important characters pop up through holograms using the games environment. This way they can display important plot details without slowing the player down.

The world in which the game takes place in is much larger than previous games in the series. They wanted to create an environment with rich history. There are things in the world that look aged. Other things in the area add culture to the environment. They didn’t want the space to feel like it was built within the last few years but rather a city that aged and progressed with time. Crackdown 3 is a living world of complexity.

SDCC Crackdown 3 – Characters

Sdcc Crackdown 3 Panel

The SDCC Crackdown 3 panel was the reveal space of a new character. This female character had short hair and just as badass of a persona as any other agent in the game. She is the ‘ man in your ear’ and provides players with the ‘in the moment’ information they need to progress in the game.

Of course, we are all familiar with Terry Crews’ involvement with the game. The SDCC Crackdown 3 panel had a lot to do with this actor and his part in the game. They describe Terry as the “Daddy Duck” and we know it means more but have no clue what that means yet. Terry’s character, Isaac Jaxson, will also be a playable character in the game to some degree at some point however they wouldn’t elaborate on how or when or why.

The team is all smiles when an audience member asks a question everyone is waiting for. The team behind Crackdown 3 also proudly admit to adding the options to play the game as a female agent yourself.  And just like before, male or female, players will work to level up their agents to a point of picking up cars and jumping over buildings.

SDCC Crackdown 3 – Conclusion

Sdcc Crackdown 3 Panel

As the SDCC Crackdown 3 panel concluded the team was in all smiles. They describe how difficult it is to make a game so over-the-top when the team may not work on all parts of the game together. They say that the way they keep everyone on the same page is through a simple, funny but honest statement. The office motto is, “subtlety is not our friends.” That is how they are able to deliver this experience where the phrase “too far” doesn’t mean a thing.

Their biggest challenge to overcome with the creation of Crackdown 3 was in building the world’s purpose. They have feeling towards making everyone’s experience different. They understand the importance of replay value and defiantly focused on providing a new feeling experience.
Crackdown 3 has been a long time waiting. Fans are more than happy with what they have seen from the game so far. The SDCC Crackdown 3 panel only heightened the hype for the upcoming Xbox exclusive. After this panel it’s easy to say that Crackdown 3 might just be well worth the wait.