Call of Duty WWII SDCC 2017 Zombie Mode Reveal Trailer

Call of Duty WWII SDCC

Some argue that SDCC isn’t the place for gamers but when big companies like Activision choose to make this con their home to huge reveals we beg to differ. The Call of Duty WWII SDCC reveal was massive. Why you ask? Because Activision chose to debate the highly anticipated Zombies mode during the infamous International Comic Con celebration.

This isn’t the first year that Call of Duty has chosen San Diego Comic Con as home for big reveals. This year was no different in terms of trend. The Call of Duty WWII SDCC was huge and one many fans are talking about. Zombie’s mode is most defiantly a staple in the Call of Duty series. With the WWII setting the whole Nazi zombie thing seems a lot more fitting.

This mode follows a plotline that focuses on zombie killers. The cast behind the Nazi Zombies story is star studded. Udo Kier, David Tennant, Kathryn Winnick and Elodie Young star in the fan favorite mode. Pulp Fictions, Ving Rhames is also confirmed as part of the modes cast.

Call of Duty WWII SDCC – Nazi Zombies Reveal Trailer

Activision states: “(Nazi Zombies) transports players into a labyrinth of chilling occult Nazi Zombie’s experiments, and monstrous creations set mythically in World War II. The story unfolds as an international team peels back the vile layers of a malevolent plot masterminded by the Axis powers to harness unimaginable occult forces and create an invincible undead army.”

This game seems like a step out of the dark for the Call of Duty franchise. Finally, one of the teams is out of the futuristic era and back into the gritty boots-on-ground concept that fans grew to know and love. The reveal of Nazi Zombies in Call of Duty WWII SDCC panel has even more hype building around the title. This game launches on November 3rd for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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