E3 2017: Call of Duty WWII Single Player Demo Impressions – Doubter to Devotee

Call of Duty WWII Single Player Demo

E3 2017 shows a Call of Duty WWII single player demo. While sitting in a room with other press and VIP’s, its quiet. A TV illuminates with the Call of Duty logo waiting on the screen. It’s impossible not to think of jetpacks, unrealistic abilities and robots when looking at the legendary logo. One can’t help but feel that others in the room also fall to the realm of disappointment with the series. The past few Call of Duty titles turns to the traitorous, forced path of futuristic warfare. How can a Modern Warfare fan really have much faith left in the series? It makes the heart yearn for the games past intensity. Yeah, it’s an understatement to describe this attitude as bitter.

It’s important to approach each new installment to a series as if it is exactly neutral. For a game so sought after, it is difficult to be neutral. Never has the setting of World War II been something appealing in my opinion; Again, I am a Modern Warfare fan who appreciates the taste of the first Black Ops game. With that being said, the WWII setting is a step towards what a fan hopes to see from the series. At least it’s something intense, not juvenile. Prior to seeing the E3 2017 Call of Duty WWII single player demo, the setting of the game proves to be one of the only glimmers of hope left. Maybe this title won’t feel forced and childish like the past 4 games have.

With that single thread of hope, the legendary logo disperses from the screen. The glory of what Call of Duty WWII is ignites the room. The doubt and disappointment vanish at once as the memories of what Call of Duty was flood imagination in a new, terrific and somehow fresh way.

Call of Duty WWII Single Player Demo – Story and Setting

Call of Duty WWII Single Player Demo

The Call of Duty WWII single player demo introduces pvt. Ronald “Red” Daniels. Developer, Sledgehammer Games, details the game as gritty and realistic but that is nothing compared to actually seeing what the title offers first hand. The Call of Duty WWII single player demo shows the main character communicate with his band of brothers in a very interactive way. This comes as a pleasant surprise as it adds dynamics to the plot in ways that are definitely new to the franchise. Right from the get go, it is clear the Call of Duty WWII plans on making sure fans do not overlook the efforts they put into the single player story mode.

The intensity unfolds greater with timing and placement. Feel the emotion when you recognize that this character first ever taste of combat unfolds on D-day. Unlike most other installments to the series, the characters are interacting with each other. They are making jokes like they know and care about one another. The game automatically feels like an immersive movie however maintains more of a gameplay feel over just cinematics. This communication makes players feel connected to the game. Automatically, you care about the safety and wellbeing of those around you which makes the fear of losing them ever present. Within just a short demo, emotions of excitement, sorrow, fear and just bad-assness strike the viewers heart.

For the first time in years, the Call of Duty single player experience is geared towards hardcore gamers. There are no gimmicks, not a lack of connection and enough excitement to go around. From what we saw during our Call of Duty WWII single player demo at E3, the game is authentic in an action-packed, things that could happen but probably didn’t kind of way and I love that.

Call of Duty WWII Single Player Demo – Mechanics and Changes

Call of Duty WWII Single Player Demo

Unfortunately, our time with the Call of Duty WWII single player demo did not include hands-on time. However, we did get a good observation of the games familiar mechanics as well as some shocking but fitting changes.

The game definitely looks like a Call of Duty game. There isn’t much different about the way the game plays. Everything about it was familiar to past Call of Duty games excluding unrealistic and robotic abilities. The best way to describe how Call of Duty WWII seems is like a World War 2 game in the style of Modern Warfare. Many spent years begging for big changes in the Call of Duty series, now we are more than pleased to welcome back this conversant way to play. We are fine that the game fells a lot like past Call of Duty games because the past games that it seems like are the ones that we adore.

Again, there were some changes. One of the major changes to the game is that the player’s health does not automatically regenerate. Now, players use health packs to refill their health bars. This makes absolute sense in a game in this setting. Although using health packs is not strange in the realm of video games in general, its use in Call of Duty definitely brings a new element to the well-known franchise.

Call of Duty WWII Single Player Demo – Conclusion

Call of Duty WWII Single Player Demo

This skeptic is now every excited for the release of Call of Duty WWII. I felt like I was going to just give up on the series. Seeing a game I loved so much turn into something borderline immature was heartbreaking. I could not fathom a way for the game to accurately come back from unrealistic abilities. Somehow Call of Duty WWII shows that there is still hope for the growth of Call of Duty. This powerhouse game is preparing to take over the industry again and this time with not just over-the-top multiplayer but with a strong and engaging narrative.

The Call of Duty WWII single player demo shown at E3 restores faith in Call of Duty. This games intensity is unmatched by any other in modern gaming. Call of Duty WWII is bringing the brutal, engaging, authentic excitement to PS4 and Xbox One in a way that we have yet to experience. Faith in this game mirrors an excitement that video games in general has lacked for some time. It feels so good to smile at the name “Call of Duty” once more.