Steep Olympic Expansion set to Launch this December

Steep Olympic Expansion

A Steep Olympic expansion is inbound for December of this year. Steep’s beautiful vast opened-world that stresses multiplayer engagement takes the game nearly into a genre of its own. Allowing the players to use skis, snowboards paragliders and wing-suits are part of what makes Steep groundbreaking.

During the Ubisoft E3 2017 media briefing fans learn that their adventures with Steep are far from over. The game is expanding with a Steep Olympic expansion. But that’s not all. In addition, players can jump into the action as soon as December of this year. On December 5th, 2017 fans from around the world can travel their own personal road to the Olympics. Embark in the beauty of Steep in South Korea and Japan as you set your Olympic level goals.

The Steep expansion is titled Road to the Olympics and is releasing on December 5th, 2017. Those who haven’t tried Steep yet can look forward to bundle edition details at a later date. Please take a look at the Steep Olympic expansion in the trailer below.

Steep Olympic Expansion Trailer – Road to the Olympics

Steep is bring players to these new locations and presenting them with all new challenges based on the Olympic Winter games of 2018. This expansion is special because Ubisoft partnered with the International Olympic committee to bring players the best experience. Players get to explore vast and beautiful locations and take part in Olympic events.

Some of the Olympic events that are featured on the Steep Olympic expansion are downhill, slopestyle, halfpipe, giant slalom, big air and super G. If you love the game for its originality, don’t worry because this expansion also offers players unique challenges.

Like usual, Players are given the opportunity to choose a country to represent and test their might with other players around the world. The Road to the Olympics expansion gives players freedom to find their own lines, set challenges, record highlights and share them just as the regular game.


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