State of Decay 2 Release Window, Details and Exclusive Release Information

State of Decay 2 release window

Microsoft Press conference gives fans a State of Decay 2 release window. A impressive showing of a squeal to the 2013 open-world zombie survival games has fans very excited. The conference shows the first game play of this wild and intense action.

The conference shows a trailer for State of Decay 2 as well as a demo that introduces the game. This game is chock full of action, zombies and tough decisions. There is definitely a stress on making decisions that will affect your game such as keeping survivors alive and scrounging for food. These choices make for a very “The Walking Dead” (TV show) feeling but you are in charge of how you grow your community.

This isn’t the first time State of Decay 2 shows itself. More information about the anticipated title is finally upon us. We learn that State of Decay 2 has a stress on online cooperative play after its showing at the Microsoft media briefing.

State of Decay 2 Release Window

To accompany the great showing of the game Microsoft announces a State of Decay 2 release window. So far, State of Decay 2 is coming out in spring of 2018. That is still quite some time away so the news is sort of taken with a grain of salt.

State of Decay 2 is just one of many fantastic announcements from the Microsoft media briefing during E3 2017. If you are interested in seeing more from the game or missed it during the conference please refer to the video below. This video shows what players can expect from State of Decay 2 just as we originally saw it from the briefing.

Stay tuned with us for E3 2017 news as well as videos, interviews, hands on previews and more! Our team is at the show all week gathering as much infromation on newly announced games as possible.

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