E3 2017 Microsoft Briefing – Re-Watch the Conference Here

E3 2017 Microsoft Briefing

If your upset that you missed the E3 2017 Microsoft Briefing, don’t fret. We live in an age where technology always has our backs. The awesome briefing had a lot in store for both Xbox fans as well as those waiting to purchase into the One family.

The E3 2017 Microsoft briefing kicks off with a showing of the impressive, new, Xbox One X. This is a beast of a console and untouchable in the power department. Microsoft now has the most powerful gaming console on the market and its called Xbox One X.

Diving deeper into the briefing we see 42 different games as well as 20 exclusive titles. Now that’s a lot of just games to show. Unfortunately, a lot of the games shown are scheduled for a 2018 release date. Regardless of that, Microsoft kept the show running at an exciting pace as the future of Xbox unfolds right before your eyes.

Watch the E3 2017 Microsoft briefing for your inside look at what’s to come for Xbox. There is lots packed into this conference including exclusives and third-party content. Any gamer benefits from watching what Xbox has to offer for E3 2017.

E3 2017 Microsoft Briefing –

Please start the video at around the time 34:25 so you get the start of the conference without the wait time.

If that wasn’t an impressive games lineup, we don’t know what is. There is a little something for every type of gamer on Xbox One. State of Decay 2 offers horror and responsibility while Crackdown 3 offers out-of-this-world action and humor. New IP’s like EA’s Anthem and Square Enix Life is Strange make their debut with Microsoft to honor the new Xbox One X’s vast power.
This is just the beginning of what Microsoft plans to reward players with. E3 2017 is the birthplace of newness for gamers. Xbox is plans on being a front-runner by not only offering the most impressive hardware but also a strong games lineup. Also, please stay tuned with us for more E3 2017 news.

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