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Far Cry 5 character pastor Jerome Jeffries

The Far Cry 5 Character Pastor Jerome Jeffries shows that he isn’t messing around in his character reveal trailer. Far Cry 5 has already done a fantastic job of making waves in the video game industry. This trailer for pastor Jerome Jeffries shows exactly why the game is making gamers turn heads. In this trailer you see the pastor reading passages while explaining his upset at the madness that surrounds him. The viewer is surprised when the camera pans to his bible to show the pages cut out. A gun is in place of the books pages. This proves that the pastor is ready to take serious action against your mutual enemy.

As stated before, Far Cry 5 is the center of some controversy; especially that on religion. While some are finding the game offensive others are proud that the game seems to be taking dynamic steps in proving that their franchise is color blind. Regardless of how one feels about the game there is no question that Far Cry 5 is staying true that the franchises gruesome, violent name.

Check out the Far Cry 5 character Pastor Jerome Jeffries trailer below. Here you learn about his stance at the brewing civil war that the game is based on. In the cinematic trailer fans learn a thing or two about what fuels the Pastors passion.

Far Cry 5 Character Pastor Jerome Jeffries

Far Cry 5 gives fans a first look at a few new characters after the game initial announcement. To join the Pastor are two more characters with their own reveal trailers. If you haven’t had enough of Far Cry 5 announcements already then consider checking out the trailers for Nick Rye and Mary May. You can see their trailers by clicking on their names above.

Also, keep in mind that we plan to bring you more of the latest and greatest news on Far Cry 5 over the course of the next few weeks so stay tuned with us as more Far Cry 5 news rolls out!

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