Far Cry 5 Character Mary May – First look at Dynamic Character

Far Cry 5 Character Mary May

Far Cry 5 character Mary May, is a force to be reckoned with; or at least that’s what her introductory trailer proves. We are now all aware that Far Cry 5 is happening. There is a lot of controversy behind Ubisoft next installment to the Far Cry series. With that being said, the powerhouse company still shows off impressive footage of the soon to be hit game. Maybe a little more controversy is all the series needed.

Anyway along with the new setting, America, we have the chance to meet a few of the new characters upon the games reveal. The first Far Cry 5 character Mary May is a girl from a small town hopping to get vengeance on a cult who destroyed her life and happiness. The Far Cry 5 character Mary May trailer shows the girl telling bits and pieces of her story. However to the viewer’s surprise, with the rip of a cloth, her motives are revealed. Even with controversy, Far Cry 5 is still bringing the ruthless violence fans have grown to love.

Check out the Far Cry 5 Character Mary May trailer below to learn a little more about the characters role in the game. Cinematic trailers are always fun, especially narrative driven beauties like this one.

Far Cry 5 Character Mary May Trailer

Along with the reveal of this new trailer comes two more character introductions. After Far Cry 5’s announcement hit the web so did the introduction of three characters. Mary May is just one of the three characters Ubisoft invites fans to get to know. Fans also get a deeper look into Pastor Jerome Jeffries and Nick Rye. If you are interested in seeing more on these Far Cry 5 characters just click on their named to view their trailers as well.

Stay tuned with us for more news on Far Cry 5 as it releases.

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