Destiny 2 4K screenshot shows what to expect from PC Version

Destiny 2 4K Screenshot PC Revealed

A Destiny 2 4K screenshot has released and it looks awesome. For the first time in Destiny history, Destiny 2 will be available for PC. Graphics and frame rate is definitely among conversation with fans. Activision has announced that the PC edition of the game will feature graphic options as well as an uncapped frame rate. The first Destiny 2 4K screenshot brings major excitement to Destiny fans. Check out the newly released screenshot for a closer look at Destiny 2.

The image below features a character preparing to go out on the battlefield. If you are familiar with the first game in the series you will recognize this character as a Guardian. The character in the screenshot poses theatrically with a hard expression. Their gun is clearly foreign rounds out into a battlefield. The stance of the character shows the seriousness of the game.

Destiny 2 4K Screenshot – First showing of 4K Destiny 2 Pc Screen

Destiny 2 4K Screenshot

Destiny 2 premiered with an impressive trailer along with a slew of news about the game. While many fans expected E3 to be a grand showcase for this new announcement, we are luck to see this title before the expo dates.

To accompany this new Destiny 2 4K screenshot and PC news, we learn that the PC version of the game releases on a different date than the Xbox One and PS4 versions. Lucky for PC players, they will be adding the ability to remap the mouse and keyboard controls. It is also important to note that Destiny 2 is being sold on for PC players. Don’t plan on looking for this title on Steam when the time comes.

The Destiny 2 beta debuts this summer while the games release date for Xbox One and PS4 is September 8th 2017. Stay tuned with us for more information regarding Destiny 2. More news about the upcoming title will release as we get closer to the launch of the beta as well as E3 2017.

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