Ghost Recon Wildlands Review – Game with True Value

Ghost Recon WIldlands review screenshot

A Ghost Recon Wildlands review can almost never be complete. The game is too big, there is too much to explain in order to describe the title in full. The best way to start our Ghost Recon Wildlands review is by confirming that it’s a great game that provides players with value. The value Ghost Recon has shown so far has been exciting.

We ask our readers to understand that, as with many other outlets, we are not finished playing the game. Instead of keeping our review from you we came up with the conclusion of describing the game to the best of our ability and reporting on the portions of the game that we have played. There is so much to experience in the game that if we waited to complete our review, it might not end up benefiting anyone.

Ghost Recon WIldlands review screenshotThe core of Ghost Recon Wildlands is gameplay. The primary focus of the game comes with gathering information and taking out key targets with the information that you have gathered. Of course, the game ids played solo with AI as companion or you can take on the drama with a small group of friends. Wildlands gives players a unique since of freedom. With the series’ first free feeling opened world, there is still a serious realistic tone that fans of Tom Clancy games expect to see.

The rest of our Ghost Recon Wildlands review is broken into sections; story, customization, gameplay and visuals. To give readers a more expansive look at our take on the game we have partnered with Twitch streamers, TheSpearsSisters, to host a live Ghost Recon Wildlands review later-on today and throughout the week.

Ghost Recon Wildlands Review – Story

Ghost Recon Wildlands doesn’t pride itself on a gripping plotline. However, we feel there is gripping reason to play the game. While freedom of choice and the ability to pick and choose targets might seem like its taking away from narrative, somehow players remain grounded with understanding as Ghost Recon WIldlands review screenshotplot pieces unfold. Story is definitely far from what makes Ghost Recon Wildlands the game that it is but it is definitely important to some degree. What the plotline does is give players a reason to want to hunt down targets and gather Intel. The plot is simple and somewhat far between but it’s always there as a reminder that provokes a deeper want.

Collectables help with gathering backstory. Some enemies backstories show through gruesome, unlockable videos. The videos appear as a report given to you by superior officer. This is how the game keeps realism balanced with impracticality gamers expect in modern gaming.

Ghost Recon Wildlands could have taken an extra step to make more dramatic, violent or riveting cut-scenes to reward players after accomplishing big tasks like taking out major targets. Adding elements like that to the game would have taken the plot of the game to the next level. Ghost Recon Wildlands makes up for that in gameplay though. Having great gameplay intertwined with an interesting plot is always a way to keep fans happy. And Ghost Recon definitely doesn’t skimp there.

Ghost Recon Wildlands Review – Customization

Ghost Recon WIldlands review screenshot

Character customization is simple yet effective. They give you a few different face and skin tone options. You can choose between male and female characters. Both choices are realistic and fitting for the game. There is a lack in variety of hair style options. Overall, the customization is fast and to the point. The simple character customization gets the job done well.

However, customizing your character doesn’t stop there. You can also dress them from head to toe in outfits that reflect your personality. There are options to unlock or buy extra clothing options via in-game points. This keeps character customization relevant as you play through the game which is generically fun. You can unlock appearance items in a way that presents some bragging rights. Who doesn’t love to brag to their friends about accomplishments through visual elements like that?

Weapons are also customized. You can change scope, magazine size and so much more. This makes it easy for you to make a weapon that really suits you. Of course, there are also a few options in weapon skin that shows the weapon reflects you as well.

On top of all of that customization, players also level up and upgrade character abilities and items through a skill tree. Just as the game, the skill tree  takes tactical thought. It’s not as simple as gathering points and spending them to unlock new abilities like most games. In Ghost Recon Wildlands you must collect skill points as well as resources to upgrade your character. It puts an extra pressure to upgrade an area that truly matters to you because upgrading doesn’t really come quick and easy.

Ghost Recon Wildlands Review – Gameplay

Ghost Recon WIldlands review screenshotGhost Recon Wildlands is geared for playing with friends however playing solo also has a set of benefits. This helps the game form to the vast desires of fans. Like stated before, the game focuses of gathering Intel and taking out major enemies. The gameplay feels a lot like recent Far Cry games but with impressive improvements. The basics are you take out a drone of binoculars, mark enemies and figure out the best way to take them all out.

If you are playing solo then the AI proves to be more than useful in their own right. No, they aren’t super smart and super good but they do help more than a traditional nonhuman entity. In cooperative play, communication is key to success so you might want to round up a group of friends who can take a game seriously. Despite the way you play the number of enemies adjusts to weather you are playing alone or with a group of other people. This assures you won’t reach a point playing solo that you will be unable to pass.

The game offers a variety of story missions as well as side missions. Things like overtaking convoy, rescuing hostages and interrogating enemies become the centerfold of playing Ghost Recon. As different as the missions sound they all have the same base; check out the area, mark enemies and take them out. At times one may think things seem to be repeating themselves but it’s not excruciating as much as it’s like “let’s just do this one more thing”.

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