DiRT 4 Special Edition Announced Along Side of Day One Edition

Dirt 4 Special Edition Day One Event

DiRT series developers, Codemasters, announced a DiRT 4 special edition to accompany the games day one edition. For a game without an official release date, DiRT 4, has plenty of fans anticipating its release. As of now, we learned that DiRT 4 will offer a few different editions for fans to enjoy.

First, the development team has confirmed a day one edition of the next game in their famed series. The day one version of the game includes the full game, an exclusive Hyundai R5 rally vehicle, an extra event and a special Founder Icon for players to use. The main draw is the car and event, however, what the event includes has yet to be specified.

Today is a day for DiRT fans to celebrate. Finally, details about DiRT 4 Special Edition emerge.

DiRT 4 Special Edition Details –

The DiRT 4 Special Edition comes two different ways. Both forms includes the day one editions bonuses as well as a booster pack. Details about the booster pack that comes with both special edition games include unique team offers, staff and facilities bonuses. So what is the main difference between the 2 different special edition games?

The only difference (besides what we presume will be price) between the two DiRT 4 Special Editions games is that one comes with a regular case and the other comes with a Steelbook case. The Steelbook version of the special edition bundle will only be sold at select retailers. The development team hasn’t given any indication on which retailers are participating in the Steelbook version of DiRT 4 yet. Both standard case and Steelbook version of the specail edition of DiRT 4 will come with everything listed above.

DiRT 4 is releases sometime this June. Day one privileges are set to be going on June 8th-11th. Because of this it wouldn’t be a surprise if that is a reflection of release date. Stay tuned for more information regarding this upcoming release.

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