343 Industries Stresses Split Screen Coop Importance after Criticism

Split Screen Coop Importance 343 Industries

Split screen coop importance has been a matter of debate since online multiplayer took center stage. The thing is, most gamers still enjoy the option of playing a game with a person physically present. More often game companies turn their back on split screen coop importance for other ‘innovative’ features. Thankfully, 343 Industries, the team behind future Halo games, now seems to understand that some games are just better played with friends in the flesh.

Bonnie Ross, executive at 343 Industries, made comment on player criticism for not including the beloved feature on Halo 5. Halo 5 was the first game is the ever popular game series that did not include spilt screen cooperative play. Her comments regarding the Halo series might just breathe new life into the newly struggling series.

343 Industries on Split Screen Coop Importance

Bonnie Ross states, “For any FPS going out forward, we will always have split-screen in.”

That is an incredible statement for fans. Criticism about the last Halo game not having split screen coop has made big enough waves to change the future of the series. Ross did more than confirm that games made by the development team going out will include split screen coop. The executive also confirmed other “painful learnings” after taking control of Bungie’s biggest success.

The company learned a lot from the stale launch of Halo: The Master Chief Collection as well. But the biggest disappointment among fans stands as Halo 5 and the lack of split screen coop importance. Even though a small percentage of fans play the game in split screen compared to those who do not, the blowback from the lacking option was massive.

Ross explains, “(its) incredibly painful for the community and for us—and it erodes trust.”

At least it seems like the Halo series will be back on track… or at least the split screen coop aspect is. Now, if only other development teams understood playing with a friend in person can be more satisfying than knowing someone online.

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