LEGO City Undercover Trailer Arrives with April Release Date for Other Consoles

LEGO City Undercover Trailer

A new LEGO City Undercover trailer debuts today showing hilarious story and coop gameplay. Take control of super cop Chase McCain and fight crime throughout the city. This game keeps is humorous stance as it take form as a classic feeling LEGO game. LEGO games are beloved for the light hearted fun they deliver for the whole family; LEGO City Undercover seems no different.

The newly added cooperative mode is in the spotlight in this LEGO City Undercover trailer. In the coop mode you and a friend can join forces to fight crime in LEGO City. Join forces with a friend to take on crime across the 20 different districts of LEGO City. It’ll be a hoot to join a friend in taking down bad guys, rescuing the lost and seizing aliens in this unique title.

One of the things that is so appealing about LEGO games is their unique opened world. LEGO City Undercover is no different. Another point of praise is its unique humor that is likeable to players of all ages. The trailer below highlights a lot of these recognized points in the best way possible.

Check out the LEGO City Undercover trailer below for a deeper look at what to expect from the game.

LEGO City Undercover Trailer

To add to the excitement, the trailer reveals that players will soon get their hands on the game. Gamers will get their hands on this fun title starting April 7th. The game is no longer exclusive to Wii U. Gamers on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC all have the opportunity to explore the funny, unique and light hearted world this April.

Don’t miss your chance to take part in the opened world fun of LEGO City Undercover. Players who enjoy the classic feeling LEGO games will want to jump at the chance of controlling the familiar Chase McCain. Again, check out the trailer above for a deeper look at the upcoming release.

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