5 Things Nintendo Needs to Do to Sell a Hardcore Gamer a Switch

5 Things Nintendo needs to Sell me a Switch

What Nintendo needs to do to sell a Switch to a hardcore gamer community is up for debate. Now that the consoles release day is fast approaching, gamers are contemplating if the choice to buy into Nintendo’s next console is a good idea. Over the past few years Nintendo has seen high ups and very low downs. The ups have been scatter throughout a pretty dark and bleak path. The question has risen, what does Nintendo need to do to sell a hardcore gamer a Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo has both bathed in glory and seen harsh criticism over the past while. Most of the company’s glory has shined through hand-held and mobile platforms. To add, Nintendo ,the former front-runner, has seen its better days in the console market. Nintendo in consoles have shown gamers gimmicks and a weak games line-up. The Wii U seems to be just a place filler for something bigger and better. Hopefully the Nintendo Switch is that bigger better pitch.

The Nintendo Switch is something very different than most consoles (much like the history of the Wii when it released). The Switch is both exciting and something to be wary of. As a Nintendo fan, it’ll be hard to take another disappointment, gimmick or upset from the favored company. For that, there are 5 things to keep in mind when deciding if the Switch will be a valued part of gaming’s future.

5 Things Nintendo Needs to do to Sell a Nintendo Switch

5 Things Nintendo needs to Sell me a Switch

5. Higher Focus on Online Social Aspects

The progression of technology has definably welcomed a new way to partake in social life. Nintendo hasn’t really let social aspects integrate well with playing on their consoles. Of course, they do offer online multiplayer functionality in recent console/ hand-held releases as well as other minor social aspects. However, there system tends to be clunky, hard to manage and just a hassle. PS4 and Xbox One excel with social functionality. Nintendo needs to understand the importance of social media sharing, video/image capture, streaming and more in order to keep a modern audience completely happy.

4. Higher Focuses on New Third-Party Titles Releasing During 2017

Nintendo needs to understand that while welcoming more third-party teams; grabbing dibs on games that released a year prior on other consoles isn’t really going to excite a hardcore gamer. Focusing on games that have yet to release is where anticipation lingers. Let’s be honest, most gamers who wanted to play Steep, Skyrim, Fifa and more probably already got their fix on a competitors console. And that’s before the Switch was really even in the forefront of players minds.

The Nintendo Switch needs to lead more exciting upcoming titles to their door like Mass Effect Andromeda, Injustice 2 and Red Dead Redemption 2. Releasing titles like these is not really meant to compete with Xbox One and PS4 but it is to grow a more respecting presence for the Nintendo Switch. When players see familiar titles they get excited. This could be a fantastic way for Nintendo to grow anticipation.

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