LucidSound LS20 Review – Is this Gaming Headset for You?

LucidSound LS20 Review

The LucidSound LS20 is a stylish, sturdy and easy to use gaming headset. Compared to other gaming headsets, the LucidSound LS20 is a cheaper and convenient alternative to higher priced models. Some may not be first to amount the LS20 as their preferred gaming headset however we beg to differ. Despite its size, this is a powerful and versatile device that’ll enhance a gaming experience.

As someone not as familiar with state-of-the-art gaming headsets, the LS20 proves to be a wonderful starter point for this type of enhancement. The headset in on the affordable side compared to models that promise the same. The LS20 is also belt well for its small size. The LucidSound LS20 is a stylish headset made with the consumer in mind. Below we go over the devices sound, comfort and pricing. Read farther to the desired section to find out if the LucidSound LS20 is the headset for you.

LucidSound LS20 Review – Sound

LucidSound LS20 Review

Don’t be confused by the LS20’s smaller size. The headset offers a decent sound in terms of game and chat volume despite its pint-sized appearance. With easy to control volume and settings the LS20 is simply shaped to the player’s preferences. The volume control is located on the left ear of the device. It is cleverly hidden around the headsets outside rim as to not diminish its stylish appearance. There are also easy to maneuver settings located on your preferred platform. These settings control other sound aspects such as in-game or chat volumes.

While the in-game sound is definitely not compromised by the affordable price tag, blocking out outside noise isn’t its strongest point. Like stated above, the LucidSound LS20 gaming headset is small for what it is. Because it is small, the cushion around the ears is also somewhat small. Being that the user’s ear is not completely covered, outside noise is more than noticeable when gaming with the volume at a healthy level. Other gaming headsets excel in blocking out real world noises while it seems that the LS20 weighs appearance and pricing as more important.

LucidSound LS20 Review – Comfort

LucidSound LS20 Review

The LS20 gaming headset is lightweight and covered with comforting memory foam. It doesn’t squeeze which makes it more than possible to use for extended periods of time without discomfort. The LS20’s frame is well built and oddly very flexible. It isn’t a surprise that the LS20 fits in well on different head sizes and player likings.

The most comforting features on the LS20 is its padding and flexibility. The headset is padded all the way around so there is no room for hair catching on plastic or hard surfaces coming in contact with the skin. It is also very flexible. Not only does the mic’s bend suit player’s preferences but having the ability to privet the device around the ears helps with long lasting comfort.

Despite the LucidSound LS20 being comfortable to wear, it is also impeccably built. When we say long lasting comfort we don’t just mean through hours of playing games. Long lasting comfort goes as far as to predict that the LS20 isn’t going to be the first headset on the shelf to break. Its strong build adds to the devices comfort because players won’t have to worry about babying the device in fear of breaking it.

LusidSound LS20 Review – Pricing

LucidSound LS20 ReviewThe LucidSound LS20 is one of the more affordable models of gaming headsets on the market. The affordability comes with very little backlash. This is a gaming enchantment that is affordable to those unsure of the higher price equipment. It offers outstanding results for its mere price in comparison to competitors as well as higher LS30 and LS40 models.

The main drawback the LS20 faces is its confusing battery. This device requires players to plug it in to use it while it also runs on a battery for power. Higher LucidSound models are wireless, the required wire on the LS20 comes as this models biggest drawback in terms of price.

If you like great sounds, magnificent chat function, stylish design and long lasting comfort then the LusidSound LS20 might be the headset for you. It is perfect for hardcore gamers looking for that enhanced experience without busting the bank. If you want state-of-the-art near soundproof perfection look into sending a little more than what you’d find in the LucidSound LS20 gaming headset.

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