I’m Excited for The Last of Us 2 and I Hated the First Game

excited for The Last of Us 2

There is no question that a game as big as The Last of Us 2 generates serious anticipation. It doesn’t seem shocking to say: I’m excited for The Last of Us 2. It’s not until you look at me as a gamer. For full disclosure, I am an Xbox fan first, love Nintendo and rank PlayStation as third choice in console preferences. Now, are you a little more interested in the hype I feel for the game?

Well, if you’re still not sold; consider my opinion of the first installment to the famed series. The Last of Us was an overrated, repetitive and trendy game. It was loved by the fanboy simply because it was console exclusive. By no means is this to imply that the first game was not well executed. But it definitely wasn’t the diamond in the rough so many praised it to be. In my opinion, The Last of Us was an okay game stretching to the side of actually being good. To feel so strongly towards nearly disliking the first title and to witness hype for a sequel seems like I would cause a pit in my stomach.

If your not convinced that my keenness for The Last of Us 2 isn’t odd than I’m not sure you can call yourself a gamer. To my great surprise, the hype for this game doesn’t call for a pit in the gut but instead puts a smile on my face for all of the right reasons.

The Former Hater is now Excited for The Last of Us 2?

Recently, video games in general seem to have taken an undesirable turn. So many games with such promise seem to sell themselves short. Lately games have been full of gimmicks, requiring add-ons or forcing in-game purchase for the ‘full experience’. Now-a-days, Gamers are even no stranger to purchasing incomplete games that are being sold as if it were done. More often than not the newest console generation has bestowed disappointment to farther milk the industry and players themselves for the highest possible financial gain.

The Last of Us 2 is straying far from what has become the industry norm. While companies keep putting out barley finished titles, Naughty Dog is set to bring players a quality experience; the same quality you can expect from the first game. There is still much we must learn about the game before we put 100 percent faith in it but that doesn’t take away from the development team obviously putting a ton of effort into parts of the game they have shown. I foresee The Last of Us 2 bringing back a value to gaming that has recently slipped away from the industry.

To see a company listen to fans and deliver something that gamers want to get lost in is truly enlightening. This Xbox fanboy is a bit jealous that PlayStation is the gateway to delivering an experience that I am truly missing. I’d never given the first game a chance with the glory it was released alongside. The Last of Us 2 now stands firm with being one of the only gripping quality experiences shown within the last 2 years. I hope the rest of the industry takes note of praise following The Last of US 2. I’m excited for The Last of Us 2.

3 Comments on I’m Excited for The Last of Us 2 and I Hated the First Game

  1. Oh, my! At last somebody sees TLOU (the first) without the tinted glass of fanboyism. I own a PS3 but played the the game when the hype vanished and it wasn’t a bad game, but not a particularly good one. Repetitive, boring gameplay, average graphics, I found myself longing for it to come to an end, only to see the closure of the story arc, which let me down… Nice article

  2. Jesus Christ // January 10, 2017 at 11:39 pm // Reply

    Did you play the game on survivor and/or grounded mode? 100% no you didn’t. If you have then you’d know the game isn’t even 1% repetitive, please don’t talk about the game unless you’ve played 100% of what it has to offer. Your grammar is also all over the place so i suggest you take this comedic piece down asap thank you.

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