Hellblade Developer Diary Details Crafty Game Sound

Hellblade Developer Diary

The folks over at Ninja Theory have released a Hellblade developer diary that details the games sound design. Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice is an upcoming game were protagonist, Senua, hears voices in her head. These voices are a unique and important part of the games progression. Due to the voices being such an influential part of the games uniqueness it is important that the development team hits the right note when relaying them to players.

The main point covered in the new Hellblade developer diary is how the sound design. Fans get an inside look on how it is used to depict the different voices Senua hears in her head. They use the voices to show the viewer a distinctive look into the mental health of the character. This adds for a deep dive into the games plotline; distinctive to what other games seem to show.

In the developer diary, Ninja Theory takes you through their journey on finding ways to display the complexity of voices. The team goes as far as to sit down with people who have suffered with the mental illness along with those trained in mental health to grasp the perfect emotion in the final outcome of the game. Watch the video below to see an in-depth look at Hellblade’s sound and the work behind achieving this level of depth.

Hellblade Developer Diary – Sound Design

It is amazing to get an inside look at the sound in Hellblade because of how significant of a role that plays in the upcoming release. The attention to detail will undoubtedly show through in the final product of the game. The developer diary shows passion for quality that we are expecting to find when the game releases.

Hellblade does not have an official release date but the game is releasing for PS4 and PC at a later point. We cannot wait to get a deeper look into Hellblade. News will come as we get closer to finding out its official release date.

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