Major Animal Crossing New Leaf Update Live with New Amiibo Features

Animal Crossing New Leaf Update

A Nintendo Direct video titled Animal Crossing Direct, debuted a long-awaited Animal Crossing New Leaf update. This new update lures mayors back to their towns due to amazing new features and Amiibo functionality. The Animal Crossing New Leaf update is titled Animal Crossing New Leaf Welcome Amiibo for good reason. The video below is footage from the Animal Crossing Direct from earlier today. The update is available now which is ahead of the original December 2nd release schedual.

Animal Corssing New Leaf Update- ReWatch Animal Crossing Direct:

Amiibo are a big part of the Animal Crossing New Leaf update. Use Amiibo’s on the new 3DS of New 3DS XL devices by tapping Amiibo figures on the touch screen. They are used for earlier models like the 3DS, 3DS XL or 2DS by connecting a NFC Reader/Writer.

You can use Amiibo’s/ Amiibo cards to bring new villagers to the new campground feature of Animal Crossing New Leaf. The campground also brings special guest to your town. These guests are familiar because players formerly only saw them on specific days of the year. This function is ideal for mayors who are looking to get specific characters to move into their town.
Not only is the Animal Crossing New Leaf update perfect for players who are looking to bring specific animals to their town but it’s also fantastic for players who hope to acquire specific furniture items. You can see how the Welcome Amiibo update allows you to purchase furniture in the video above.

Animal Crossing New Leaf Update Info:

The Welcome Amiibo update allows you to use Amiibo technology to bring former Animal Crossing characters to your town. It also brings unexpected cross-play with Amibbos from their games. For instance, use Splatoon Amiibo figures to bring new Splatoon related characters to the campground of New Leaf or try out one of your Legend of Zelda figures to grant town living access to Wolf Link, Medli, Ganon, and Epona characters.

There are a slew of cool new features updated in ACNL for players who don’t have Amiibo’s as well. Similar to Pokemon Go, Players can also snap real photos of Animal Crossing characters in the world around them via the 3DS camera. Also, fans who enjoied Animal Crossing Happy Home designer are familiar with the new and quick way to stylize your home.

If you are looking for a step by step guide on how to update Animal Crossing New Leaf so that you can see the most recent changes please click here.

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