The Escapists 2 Reveal Trailer Brings Great New Features

The Escapists 2 reveal trailer

The Escapists 2 reveal trailer is a pleasant surprise. Fans of the first game are ecstatic to see this title return. Not only is the Escapists 2 on its way but it has a slew of new exciting features. On top of the brand new Escapists 2 reveal trailer we learn that the game features deeper character customization, coop and a new combat system. Check out the newly released trail below for a taste of what to find in the upcoming game.

The Escapists 2 Reveal Trailer

As you can see from the trailer above, this title has the same classic arcade feel as the previous release. The Escapists 2 defiantly takes note from the success of the first game. You are back in prisons with the same objective, break out of custody. This time around the new features sweeten the deal.

The Escapists 2 devises split-screen, online and local coop as well as competitive modes. Playing the game cooperatively is something that many fans suggested in addition to competitive multiplayer. It is wonderful to see that this dream is a reality in The Escapists 2. While that is most defiantly the most delightful news aside from the games reveal, we also learn that the combat system is revised and new items are added to aid in the great escape.

The first games release was one of the most pleasant shocks in gaming. The Escapists is a title that looks so simple but is so deep. There is strategy and a profound uniqueness to the game that few other titles have touched. The reveal trailer shows fans wishes granted with the same classic feeling of the first game. As a result, The Escapists 2 is a title that will fill fans hearts with joy.

The Escapists 2 releases for Xbox One, PS4 and PC in 2017.

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