Battlefield 1 Single Player Gameplay Footage – Profound Intensity

Battlefield 1 Single Player Gameplay Footage

EA releases a brand new 12 minute preview of Battlefield 1 single player gameplay and it looks so good. After releasing the first battlefield 1 story trailer last week full of fast cuts of action; we finally get a deep look into how the campaign will actually be played. It is beyond clear that EA has taken a step in the right direction with Battlefield 1. The trailer below proves that this game is more than just gut-wrenching repetitive multiplayer sessions.

The newly released Battlefield 1 single player gameplay hits a profound note with deep quotes. These quotes capture the seriousness of how important the conflict is. The gameplay of this title is deep. It is inspiring to see the development team pay tribute to single player campaign in such a profound and impacting way.

This footages makes it debut at Twitchcon in a behind closed doors event. The video below is the prologue to the upcoming release titles “Storm of Steel!”

Battlefield 1 Single Player Gameplay Frottage – 12 minutes of Campaign

In respect to the time period, the development team also brings news that the campaign will feature five different playable characters. While this may seem like biting off a lot for a play it also brings interesting opportunity to dive deep into different settings and situations with a believable aspect. Battlefield 1 is showing an important in numbers; five different playable characters with five different story’s, just to show off the era in an appropriate manner.

Not only do players witness an important in numbers by having five playable story lines but each time you die in the game a different name will pop up on screen. This is done to respect and tribute the many people who died during the war.

Battlefield 1 releases for Xbox One, PS4 and PC on October 21st 2016.

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