Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Multiplayer Preview – At a Crossroad

Infinite Warfare multiplayer preview screenshot

Our Call of Duty Infinite Warfare multiplayer preview was a surprising journey. It’s incredible to witness a video game series evolve into something completely new while maintaining a gratifying since of comfort. Infinite Warfare is that new but satisfying since of familiarity with an intensity unmatched by any other video game title. Call of Duty XP presented a unique chance to get a hands on Call of Duty Infinite Warfare preview prior to the games November 4th release date.

It is no secret that Infinite Warfare is subject to controversy. The majority of fans are vocal about their disappointment in the direction of Infinity Wards new game. The futuristic direction has fans missing the older/modern warfare setting. Being one of those longing for a change from the futuristic direction, it was difficult to approach Infinite Warfare with anything but a bitter taste.

Infinite Warfare Multiplayer Preview – Combat Rigs and Customization

Infinite Warfare multiplayer preview screenshot

The first screen that popped up during the hands-on Call of Duty Infinite Warfare multiplayer preview was the infamous customize loadout option. There were some differences that peaked interest far beyond original expectation.

If you saw the multiplayer reveal trailer then you are familiar with Infinite Warfare’s Combat Rig system. There are six different Combat Rigs. Combat Rigs can be closely compared to Black Ops III “Specialists”. They are pretty much straight-up classes to choose from.  To a great surprise Combat Rigs are easily switch mid-match if needed to better fit your particular needs. The best teams will utilize these Rigs with their unique abilities to strategize and takeout their opponent.

The development team stresses the fact that they are looking for a believable experience. They have used weapons as a way to both bring familiarity as well as stretch the limits of belief. Infinite Warfare does find a balance between what is real and what is out-of-this world. Thankfully, the balance that is there is pleasing to a player who hopes for a ‘real’ experiences as well as those who dream outside of the box.

Customization hit a high point of interest during our Call of Duty Infinite Warfare multiplayer preview. It was refined, familiar and new; all emotions a gamer would hope to have before entering the arena.

Infinite Warfare Multiplayer Preview – The Match

Infinite Warfare multiplayer preview screenshotUnfortunately, the immediate delight is brief. After enjoying the light that was Combat Rigs, new weapons, perks and deep customization the match countdown emerges. The skeptic hadn’t quiet changed tune but the idea that the game might actually be fun creeps closer to the front of imagination. The screen changes to a charming view and the idea that the future setting brings about amazing new environments lifts a damaged heart. Strategy and intense firefights are the core of each map. Each map has the unique opportunity to take a player to any location without it breaching the authenticity of the games actual setting. Our Call of Duty Infinite Warfare multiplayer preview brought a map variety that fit. This brings about a new excitement inwhich Infinite Warfare had yet to achieve.

Just as a closed mind is about to open, its hit with the daze of over-the-top and always in your face action. The games development team boast about their focus on fast-paced action.  Its true. Infinite Warfare has the kind of action where you don’t get to look or think about anything. Every second counts. The realism they tried to maintain gets lost in a blurry mess of high jumping, wall-running and blind fire madness.

The wonderful setting and great customization attempt to complement fast-paced action that fells forced. Infinite Warfare tries to push players into combat. It doesn’t have the same ‘anyone could get good at this with time and effort’ feel as past Call of Duty games had. It feels lucky. The ease past games brought players is gone. Infinite Warfare caters almost exclusively to a select group of players; extremely hardcore, always online and serious players. And that is not necessarily what made Call of Duty a household name.

Infinite Warfare Multiplayer Preview – Reflection and Comparison

Infinite Warfare multiplayer preview screenshotInfinite Warfare is more than tolerable, it’s good but not to the caliber of great that it was years ago. The belief lingers that the game would be widely well received if it didn’t hold the name “Call of Duty”. The name is a tall glass to fill and doing so year after year is even harder. Infinite Warfare has some Call of Duty elements but it lacks the true feeling of Call of Duty. It is some exciting mix between what Call of Duty was with games like Titanfall or Halo. It’s weird to see the day that a game so colossal dares to stride so close to other games with such precision.

Seeing what Infinite Warfare brings is bitter sweet. It’s so cool to see the game continue to reach higher even though there is no question that it’s already one of the largest games out there. It satisfying to see that they are attempting to bring new and exciting experiences to fans in the grandest ways imaginable. Our Call of Duty Infinite Warfare multiplayer preview shows that they are continuing to bring players a quality experience to get immense playtime out of.

Infinite Warfare strides so far from what we know from Call of Duty that it doesn’t present the feelings fans hope for.

Infinite Warfare Multiplayer Preview – Conclusion

Infinite Warfare multiplayer preview screenshotThe skeptic is now at a crossroads of both pleasant delight and utter frustration. How could a game that masters the art of military evolution destroy its glory with a whirlwind of forced confusion? The action is there but overpowering; it is Call of Duty but lacks nearly every aspect that makes it feel like Call of Duty. To every negative there is a positive to outweigh it. The negative aspects of Infinite Warfare arise only when it is compared to past Call of Duty games. As a result we get this weird hostility towards something that’s not bad by any means but also not unique enough to follow in the footsteps of the former trend setter. Its as if Call of Duty started following others instead of leading the industry.

Our Call of Duty Infinite Warfare multiplayer preview did change our mind. We predetermined it to be a bad game, however, that is very far from the truth. Infinite Warfare is nicely done, exciting and actually different than what was ever expected from it. The game is fast-paced, utilizing the phrase ‘every second counts’ to all of its worth. Call of Duty Infinite Warfare appears exactly how it seems with impeccable quality in attempts to keep its crowd happy.

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