FireWatch Xbox One Release Date Confirmed with New Features

Firewatch Xbox One release date and freeraom feature

The Firewatch Xbox One release date has finally shown its face. Exclusive rights held the acclaimed adventure game but now Xbox One fans finally get a taste of the action. In addition to the Xbox One release the development team has confirmed two new features. Firewatch comes to Xbox One starting on September 21st.

Again, not only has development team campo Santo announced that the game is making its way to Xbox fans but new features help ignite a passion to these possible new fans. A mode titled “Firewatch Audio Tour” has been teased. The mode is some goofy cross between a scavenger hunt, museum tour and game development workshop. With that being said there aren’t many details known about the new mode. The team plans on talking more about “Firewatch Audio Tour” on September 3rd 2016.

Firewatch Xbox One New Features Detailed

The Firewatch Audio Tour detailed above makes its way to all players as a free update. You do not need to be a new Xbox One user to enjoy the new feature. PS4 and PC owners don’t have to fret over this new interesting feature.

Along with Firewatch Audio Tours, the development team is bring a high requested mode to life. Players have asked for a free roam option since the games release. With high acclaim on its side, Firewatch was the perfect candidate to have a free roam option. Now an update will allow you to experience the game as well as a few new secrets like never before. Sometimes exploration is all it takes to bring a little more joy to an already delightful title.

Firewatch Xbox One release date hits on September 21st. There is no official date when players will get their hands on the new features but we can expect to hear more about that within the next while leading up to the Xbox One release date.

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