Hitman Season 3 Confirmed before Details on Season 2

Hitman season 3

Hitman season 3 is on its way. Hitman has been all the rage among fans since the episodic release of IO Interactives newest installment to the franchise. As a  surprise, this episodic release pattern has presented fans with a high quality experience that caters to fans. Being one of our favorite game releases of 2016, it is pleasing to know that the development team is honoring their title just as much as we are.

In a Twitter conversation, IO Interactive not only confirmed the release of a Season 2 after this seasons concludes but surprised fans even more by confirming that they have plans to release Hitman season 3. The official twitter account revealed that the development team has even larger plans than most were expecting. Check out the Twitter conversation below where a fan asks a question and gets an amazing response.

Hitman Season 3 Confirmation via Twitter

The tweet confirms three seasons of the game as well as teases that the information is slightly humorous considering they hadn’t previously detailed a season 2.
The first season of the game has turned out wonderfully. Fans have toured in interesting locations around the world with interesting targets and great objectives. One of the more interesting things about Hitman season 1 is the elusive targets. IO Interactive has proven that they are constantly working to bring Hitman fans the experience that they are asking for. So far, they have done an amazing job.

Fans will remain content If Hitman season 3 and well season 2 of course follow in the footsteps on what is being released now. Don’t forget, season 1 episode 4 takes players to Thailand on August 16th. After successful summer bonus content the fans are waiting to jump back into the action with the next episode.

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