E3 2014 Lets play Far Cry 4 – Hands on Preview

Lets play Far Cry 4

Getting to play Far Cry 4 was a delight. With the end of E3 taking place just days ago a whole new world of video games have come to life. The convention gave new meaning to the term next-gen gaming. There were tons of announcements that hit the web that left so many gamers speechless. With all the new announcements one of the favored games on the showroom floor was Far Cry 4. We were lucky enough to get a chance to play Far Cry 4.
First being seen at the Ubisoft press conferences held on Monday, Far Cry 4 left players drooling at the amazing site. The first 5 minutes of the game was shown and just that was enough to force players to want more. We had a chance to play Far Cry 4 on the E3 2014 showroom floor to hand deliver you the details about how the experience felt! Is Far Cry 4 everything you dreamed it up to be, we got to play Far Cry 4 and have to say first and foremost; it is everything we could have asked for.

Starting off the demo was an option to choose exactly how you wanted to play the demo. Players could choose to stealthy bombard an enemy camp, ride in guns blazing on top of an elephant or fly into battle on a make-shift mini helicopter. Given time restraints we were only able to choose one way to play and after seeing the large beast on the gameplay demo at the press conferences we felt the elephant was the only way to go. While the stealthy option let players go in and kill with true Far cry style the new option of riding a wild beast was just too enticing to let pass.

The goal; to kill every last enemy in the village. During our demo we lead the elephant to crash through tall doors blocking our way only to find that this wild creature acts as an amazing weapon. Using its tusks you could direct the elephant to kill enemies by impaling them through the guts or you could literally stomp them to death by utilizing the elephant’s mighty weight. Unfortunately our elephant died and we learned that unlike the player you cannot heal the elephant at any point. The poor thing just had to take one for the team. Regardless, it was truly a fun experience to control the beast rampaging through a village of enemy and it wasn’t a bad thing that you had full capabilities on firing your weapons straight from the back of the creature.

The demo shown felt just like Far Cry 3. The controls mirrored those of what we have seen in the past and so did the game play. This is a true next installment to the Far Cry franchise because it was very comparable to the last game. Even by plotting us to clear out the camp by killing all those inside to claim it for our own was very Far Cry 3. With that being said, would you have wanted it any other way because we were thrilled to see that Ubisoft remained true to themselves and kept that Far Cry feel.

Bottom line is after we got to play Far Cry 4 we were thrilled to find out that the game was everything it seemed to be cracked up to be. This game will follow that crazy, brutal story that gamers love along with providing you with very Far Cry 3 feeling gameplay. This is a step in the right direction for the series and we wish it much success in the future. Far Cry 4 will be hitting store shelves this November for next gen consoles. Don’t miss your chance to experience the greatness we witnessed when we got to play Far Cry 4; the game will impress!

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