Brawlhalla to compete with Super Smash Bros.!

Of all of the quirky indie games that I tried out at PAX East 2014, one of the most memorable was Brawlhalla. Developed by Blue Mammoth Games, Brawlhalla is “A 2D platform fighter where the best of the baddest-ass warriors in history battle each other in an eternal tourney of champions for bragging rights, infinite mead, and the pure pleasure of delivering a beatdown. Includes online 5v5 teams, ranked 4 player free for all, and local play options.”

[youtube id=”f2zUGl0SM6I” width=”600″ height=”350″]

If you’re thinking: “Hey, this looks a lot like Super Smash Bros.” that’s because it does. It also, coincidentally, plays a lot like Smash Bros. Except it’s going to be on Steam and will have a Free-to-Play model, customizable characters, and a whole slew of other features that have not been released yet.

I just played the Alpha of the game but it is a ton of fun to play, just as easy as Super Smash Bros. to pick up and the range of weapons definitely has me eager for more.

Brawlhalla Screen

Characters Soar in Brawlhalla

There is absolutely a TON of potential here, Character creation, map creation, customizable weapons, armor, moves, music. Not to mention that since it doesn’t have the limitations of a console, there really isn’t much, aside from the clutter, stopping them from making it a 15 player smash fest.

I’m also hoping the Brawlhalla doesn’t go the “multi-player only” route. Having a single player mode, and maybe some challenge maps could really make Brawlhalla stand out, and who doesn’t want some awesomely goofy Viking story?!

Their Steam page just went up HERE and you can check out their website HERE. There isn’t much of anything on the site now, but once the Beta launches, I’m sure they’ll have a way to sign up. Keep an eye on this one, I have a feeling it’s gonna be big.

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