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Often times aspiring Cosplayers don’t know where to start. From the difficult choices to the want to constructed something completely out of this world, things can appear very difficult to someone just starting out. They could even have the desire to become a character but fear may hold them back. We are here to say, hey its okay to try!

Over the past while we have had the pleasure of doing great interview with many excellent Cosplayers. These Cosplayers execute the coolest of costumes and are the Cosplayers any aspiring Cosplayer would look up to. These expert Cosplayers didn’t get to where they are with nothing and have advice to offer those trying to start the craft. Below you will find expert advice on how to get started as a Cosplayer given by some of the best Coplayers out there.

Nadya Anton

nadya anton x23

” Just do it! its fun, expensive, but fun, :D ” -Nadya


Naomi VonKreeps

Naomi Vankreeps cosplay

“Don’t get frustrated! Research, research, research! There are tons of tutorials out there about creating cosplays. Cosplay the character YOU want to cosplay as. Don’t let body size, skin color or gender dissuade you from cosplaying someone. Don’t listen to the naysayers!! Most of all have fun!” – Naomi


Marie Grey

Marie Grey cosplay

“Just do it! Pick a character you’re really passionate about, do your research, and hit the ground running!” -Marie Grey



Fasffy cosplay

“JUST DO IT!! Or well start it! Everybody has to start somewhere and you would be amazed with what you can actually do. That and start with something simple but effective. Once you get a kick from the community and how great it is that will help fuel you to continue and improve your cosplaying skills. Pick things that YOU are passionate about or have meaning to you.” -Fasffy


April Gloria

April Gloria elizabeth bioshock

“My biggest piece of advice is research! I spend hours and hours online looking up reference photos, gathering info and inspiration, and looking on multiple sites for the best options on fabric, wigs, shoes, accessories, prop making methods, sewing patterns, makeup and other stuff. If I have a questions, Google usually has an answer! I think it’s fun to figure everything out for myself!
Another tip I can give is don’t be afraid to commission or put together a “closet cosplay”. You don’t HAVE to hand make everything if you don’t want to or don’t have the skill. There are tons of people who make costumes to sell on etsy and other places. Also, for some cosplays I’ll go to Goodwill or use my own clothes. My Lady Punisher costume consists of my own jeans, a tank top with an iron-on transfer, cheap plastic guns I painted, and then boots and holsters from an Army surplus store. I didn’t technically “make” anything, but I am still happy with it. I still spent time researching places to find the holsters and guns, and trying on 10 different shirts before finding the cut I wanted. Even before that, I drew up several diffferent designs before choosing how I wanted the character to look. I was translating Frank Castle into female form and I wanted her to look feminine but still serious and no-nonsense.
Two few tips I can give are: Be patient and be prepared to do things over again. I’m working on a Samus Aran suit and still haven’t gotten the torso right! Don’t get discouraged; you’ll figure it out! Also, be confident when wearing your costume! Show it off! When people compliment you, say thanks and feel great about what you’ve accomplished. You deserve it.” -April Gloria


Tabitha Lyons

Tabitha lyons lara croft

“Have fun that’s what it’s all about!” -Tabitha Lyons


Doris Torres

Doris Torres cosplay

“I would say with start of with something simple for your first cosplay and do a lot of research.Also take you’re time don’t rush anything cause if you rush nothing is gonna come out the way you want it and it will only cause you stress. I’ve learned that the hard way lol.” -Doris Torres



K-A-N-A cosplay

“Seriously, if you want to cosplay something just do it. Don’t let others bring you down.” -KANA


Lucy Langley

Lucy Langley cosplay

“Just enjoy it! It’s a hobby…a game, don’t worry if your fisrt cosplay is not like you want, with the time you’ll be better has a cosmaker.  Do friends, go away to meet others events. Just have fun!” -Lucy Langley


 Alexia Jean Grey

Alexia Jean Grey felicia cosplay

“Never be afraid to! I think over the last few years the cosplay community BOOMED! Which I feel newcomers might be afraid to think if there not the “best” they might either be made fun of or looked down upon. The wonderful thing about cosplay are the people in in the community! Never be afraid to ask questions or talk to other cosplayers. Cosplay is about having fun and being creative and the skills will just come with experience. I still am trying to learn new costuming skills and ask others for advice which is the fun challenge in costuming. Also never be afraid to make mistakes, with every costume I try to learn a new technique or skill to learn, and sometimes I have made mistakes on costumes that actually turned out better then I planned!” -Alexia Jean Grey




“Always remember to have fun, don’t take it too seriously.” -Katybear


Raychul Moore

Raychul Moore Cammi Cosplay

“Safety pins. Lots of safety pins. Also, it doesn’t matter how accurate your costume is or how detailed it is. Don’t get caught up in all of that. Cosplay is all about showing your love for a certain game, character or movie…so just do it b/c you’re a fan! I’d rather see a girl in a Link costume that’s falling apart but who is just happy to be dressed as Link; than a girl in a perfect Link costume who really has no emotional connection to the character. It’s all about loving it for you…not what others might think.” -Raychul Moore


Lisa Lou

Lisa Lou Misty cosplay

“Google and Goodwill are your friends. Don’t know how to sew? There’s plenty of cosplays you can make just by raiding the thrift store. Want to make a prop? Someone has more than likely done it in the past and has made a tutorial, so Google it and find out! :D” -Lisa Lou



Frag Doll Seltzer

“I am definitely not the most qualified person to give advice on the cosplay scene, but I can say what made my own costumes successful: I loved the characters I was portraying.  Putting on my Duo Maxwell costume was like putting on the suavest, nicest, most ass-kicking version of myself.  I put a lot of care and detail into the outfit (I can’t believe that Catholic supply store sold a 12-year-old girl an orthodox collared shirt….) because it was an act of honoring my favorite character, and I went out of my way to be kind to everyone when I wore it for the same reason.  Cosplayers are ambassadors for whatever fandom they’re representing, so I believe they have a responsibility to be positive and inclusive (within reason…don’t tolerate no shit, bros!) and that’s why I’m so happy to see people like Jessica Nigri and Yaya Han who don’t just dress up, but engage and encourage and REP-RE-SENT.  They probably have some great advice too….better than my spiel about love. ^^*” -Seltzer




“Ignore the people that don’t have anything good or useful to say, and cosplay who you want and just have fun.” -Domi



cosplayer squeak

“Get to  know your characters. A lot of comic books nerds criticize the cosplay scene for being overrun with pretty girls who just like to play dress up and take pictures without really knowing or understanding their
characters. I would love to disagree with this statement but I see so many costumes that are just wrong and I can tell the Cosplayer didn’t  really know much about the character. Now I know that some Cosplayers
are in it more for sewing and costume design than becoming comic book collectors but, as a comic book nerd, I really appreciate those who are  willing to do some research.” -Squeak





“Cosplay what YOU want. Don’t let other people boss you around, or tell you that you “can’t” pull off a character. You can do anything. Also: Don’t get too far ahead of yourself. Start with something small, and learn the craft as you progress. It’ll make your life ALOT easier.” -Mewchi








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