Are Nintendo and Sony making the same Mistakes with Next Gen Gaming

Nintendo and Sony PS4 vs Wii U

Nintendo and Sony are competitors in the next-gen console war with Nintendo’s Wii U and Sony’s PS4. Putting Microsoft’s Xbox One aside (being the Ps4’s top competitor) why would someone think to compare the lead in the next-gen console market with the suffering Wii U? Nintendo and Sony are making very similar mistakes in gaming just in different ways.

Nintendo is a classic company that has recently taken over handheld gaming. With mobile gaming on the rise Nintendo has stiff competition and still somehow triumphs in handheld gaming. The 3DS is amazing and is quite frankly leading Nintendo in any recent success that it had seen. Nintendo, however, is making mistakes with the Wii-U. It is no secret that Nintendo has seen its better days in the console market and the Wii U is truly where Nintendo is facing its biggest problems.

Sony, while dealing with gaming, on the other hand is succeeding with the PS4. Their next-gen console is exactly what gamers want and that’s why gamers are buying it. Where Sony lacks significantly is in the handheld market with the PS Vita. Like the Wii U, since day one The PS Vita could have done better. It’s an impressive little handheld but it’s notorious for being unsuccessful and having a lack of games much like the Wii U. The PS Vita has tried hard to be more appealing with direct connection to the PS4 and its own re-release but never the less it still isn’t appealing to gamers as Sony would have hoped.

Nintendo and Sony have the same issues just facing different markets. What is going on in gaming with Nintendo and Sony is undoubtedly helping and hurting the companies at the same time. Needless to say, so far, Nintendo’s Wii U and Sony’s PS Vita are damaging to the companies. The investments made by Nintendo and Sony with each system isn’t really small in terms of finances.

What are your thoughts on the Wii U and PS Vita? Do these financial losses pose as a large blow to Nintendo and Sony in the gaming market or do they pose as insignificant? Nintendo and Sony are power house companies they will always thrive, we are just curious about their mistakes and how remarkably similar and very opposite they are.

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