Best rumored E3 2014 announcements

E3 2014 announcements rumored

E3 is right around the corner and with it some possible E3 2014 announcements. The rumor mill has been hot and there are some really awesome rumors out there that are highly predicted to be true. While as these games are still in the rumor faze, they are not 100 percent confirmed for the show but they do have some very solid details and possibility of being seen soon. E3 2014 announcements are exciting, out of all the possible announcements headed our way what E3 2014 announcements that are rumored to be true will be the best?

The best  (possible) E3 2014 announcements list:


Far Cry 4

As rumored stated Eurogamer and IGN (more info can be viewed by clicking here), who wouldn’t be excited for a Far Cry 4 announcement after the amazing success of Far Cry 3? Strong rumors regarding Far Cry have risen to the degree of information about the game and the likelihood of its official announcement at the Ubisoft annual E3 press conference. It has been rumored that the game will take place outside of the tropics but naturally the information surrounding the title is scarce. Far Cry 4 has yet to be 100 percent confirmed by Ubisoft itself however there is likelihood behind the rumor is very solid. Ubisoft had no problem with releasing hot titles often for gamer’s enjoyment and with the success of Far Cry 3 just a few years ago there is nothing keeping the company from making a E3 2014 announcement for a 2015 game release. This is exciting news for any Far Cry fan especially after the greatness that followed Far Cry 3.


New Banjo Kazooie

The rumors surrounding Banjo Kazooie have been a huge topic of conversation. There is a high possibility that an E3 2014 announcements might be in store for the this fan favorite franchise! If a new Banjo Kazooie title was going to be, an E3 2014 announcement would be the way to do it. While we know this has been a title seen on a leaked Xbox One exclusive list where nearly all other titles have been confirmed and that rare themselves have expressed profoundness in the series; it’s only a matter of time before we will see a new installment to the Banjo Kazooie franchise. If this actually does become an E3 2014 announcement it will give Microsoft the extra boost it needs for its own survival.


New Hitman

Earlier in the year it was quoted by Square Enix to keep an eye out for a new Hitman title. Does this mean we can be expecting a new Hitman games as one of the  E3 2014 announcements? It was also stated by the company back in January that this new Hitman title will follow in a Hitman Blood money/ Hitman contracts style. It was also stated that the fan favorite contracts mode from Hitman Absolution will be returning. This news came as a heartwarming amazement to fans and one of the most solid rumors of all time considering the company spoke about a game that was yet to be formally announced. It can be expected that more information on a new Hitman title will drop in the form of an E3 2014 announcement or at least that’s what fans are hoping for. From the information that was announced, this new Hitman title can be the perfect example of a company putting themselves aside to give the fans what they are asking for.


Zelda U

Nintendo is in need of great E3 2014 announcements. Nintendo has been strangely quiet about the Wii U for a very long time. While the 3DS excels the Wii U is waiting patiently for great Nintendo exclusives to make their way to the next-gen console. It is believed that E3 2014 announcements are on the way for Nintendo and good ones. Following screenshots and video footage firm the Wii U’s announcement, a Zelda Wii U game has been seen and said to be in development for later announcement from Nintendo. With that being said we are under the assumption that a ‘ Zelda U ‘ game is headedd for a E3 2014 announcement.

Gears of War Xbox One

In semi resent news it has been announced that the Gears of War series has switched developers (Black Tusk Studios) and has regained the eyes of legendary Rod Fergusson. This was awesome news for fans of gears of War and undoubtedly breathes new life into the franchise. When the announcement hit it was also teased that gamers would hear more details later in the year. Well later in the year could signal an E3 2014 announcement. Gears of War Xbox One will be something to keep an eye on especially with the small details known about those who are working on the series.

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