Interview with Cosplayer Naomi VonKreeps

Naomi Vankreeps cosplay

Name:  Naomi VonKreeps

Age:  As old as the earth!! 😛


and on IG @naomivonkreeps


Occupation: Web developer

Naomi VonKreeps spiderman

What was your first console and first game?

Naomi VonKreeps: Nintendo NES/Super Mario bros FTW!!!

How long have you been gaming?

Naomi VonKreeps: Since I was a weee little kid. I used to go to my dad’s office and play video games on his computers at work.

What is your favorite game of all time?

Naomi VonKreeps: Super Mario Bros. Always will be. Man…now i want to play!

Naomi VonKreeps

What platforms do you play on?

Naomi: Right now, 360, and my PC. Planning on getting a PS4 soon though!

What is your favorite genre?

Naomi VonKreeps: Action adventure/stealth

What is your biggest accomplishment in gaming?

Naomi: Hmmm…that’s a good question. Beating Diablo 3 is up there.

Naomi VonKreeps ass

When did you first get into cosplaying?

Naomi VonKreeps: About 3 years ago I guess.

What is the best costume that you have done?

Naomi VonKreeps: For me, it is my Black Widow for sure.

What is your favorite event that you have cosplayed at?

Naomi: Ottawa Comiccon!

Naomi VonKreeps

Do you have a lot of friends who you Cosplay with?

Naomi VonKreeps: Actually no. I’m the only one out of my gang of friends :O

Do you have any advice for people trying to get into cosplay?

Naomi: Don’t get frustrated! Research, research, research!There are tons of tutorials out there about creating cosplays. Cosplay the character YOU want to cosplay as. Don’t let body size, skin color or gender dissuade you from cosplaying someone. Don’t listen to the naysayers!! Most of all have fun!

Naomi VonKreeps cosplay

Is there any costume that you would like to do or have planned for the future?

Naomi: would love to do the Demon Hunter from Diablo 3. Maybe one day when I have more time to dedicate to hours of armor making.

Would you ever date a gamer?

Naomi VonKreeps: Sure!

Is there any video game character that you have a secret crush on?

Naomi VonKreeps: Edward Kenway…shhh…tell no one or I may have to air assassinate you. 😀

Naomi VonKreeps assassins creed

What is the most fun experience you ever had playing a game?
Naomi VonKreeps: I’d have to say playing Diablo 3 while drunk with a bunch of my friends. I ended up running around in circles completely lost. Good times.

Do you play online? If so, are you all of a sudden seeing an extreme chivalry from guy gamers even though they do not know you, or is it the opposite?

Naomi VonKreeps: I’d say it is neither. I never really noticed anything out of the ordinary!

What is the hardest game you have ever played?

Naomi: Diablo 3, Witcher 2

Is there any game that you feel particularly good at?

Naomi VonKreeps: Assassin’s Creed. The entire franchise. I can’t frakkin wait for Assassin’s Creed Unity!!

Naomi VonKreeps cosplay

How many hours per week do you spend gaming?

Naomi: It varies a lot. Maybe 10 sometime more. I work full time, and have a crazy workout schedule as well as making cosplays, etc..etc…I wish I could play more.

Do you collect video game memorabilia? If so what is your favorite piece?

Naomi VonKreeps: I collect everything Assassin’s Creed. My favorite right now are my Edward Kenway and Connor statues. And everything that Ubisoft sent me lol 😀

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