Interview with Cosplayer: Nadya Anton

nadya anton x 23 had the pleasure of interviewing cosplayer Nadya Anton. Read our interview and view some of her cosplay photos below.


Name: Nadya Anton

Age: 24

Contact: , ,

Occupation: Industrial desing, singer, fitness model, profecional cosplayer.

nadya anton

What was your first console and first game?

Nadya Anton: Atari.


How long have you been gaming?

Nadya:  all my life


What is your favorite game of all time?

Nadya Anton: Witcher 2


nadya anton xmen cosplay


What platforms do you play on?

Nadya Anton: mostly PC


What is your favorite genre?

Nadya: RPG


What is your biggest accomplishment in gaming?

Nadya Anton: when i kill all the Deathclaw and deathclaw mother in the Fallout new vegas ( the mission was colect all the eggs… pain in the ass)


When did you first get into cosplaying?

Nadya Anton: 2006


What is the best costume that you have done?

Nadya Anton: gosh, is hard to say, one of the most dificult is Camus from saint seya, its just armor.


What is your favorite event that you have cosplayed at?

Nadya : San diego comicon.

nadya anton


Do you have a lot of friends who you Cosplay with?

Nadya Anton: no a lot, but i have good friends who like cosplay with me.


Do you have any advice for people trying to get into cosplay?

Nadya Anton: Just do it! its fun, expensive, but fun, 😀


Is there any costume that you would like to do or have planned for the future?

Nadya: YES! my freedom strike gundam, and samus!


nadya anton


Would you ever date a gamer?

Nadya : of course!


Is there any video game character that you have a secret crush on?

Nadya Anton: yes… Thane from mass effect 2.


What is the most fun experience you ever had playing a game?

Nadya: horror games!!!!, i was playing  fatal frame crimson butterfly with my brothers, in the night, everybody was sooo scared, and BOOM, the girl from the stairs fall, we just FREAK OUT SO BAD! jump from the sofa, scream like little girls and then…. Laughs… 😀 so much fun.


nadya anton street fighter


Do you play online? If so, are you all of a sudden seeing an extreme chivalry from guy gamers even though they do not know you, or is it the opposite?

Nadya Anton: not at all, just equal, they dont care… XD i guess. 😛


What is the hardest game you have ever played?

Nadya: Ninja gaiden…. D:


Is there any game that you feel particularly good at?

Nadya Anton: sims 😛 i can create amazing lifes!

nadya anton x23


How many hours per week do you spend gaming?

Nadya Anton: like 10, i have to work and go to school i cant more, even if i want to :C


Do you collect video game memorabilia? If so what is your favorite piece?

Nadya: i have my final fantasy in their original boxes, and some super nintendo  i wish i have my mystical ninja for my 64 :C.

cosplay Nadya Anton

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