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Creepiest Pokemon haunter

Over the generations of Pokemon there have been many creepy pokedex entries but who are the creepiest Pokemon ? We have come up with a list that includes some of the creepiest Pokemon of all time.



creepiest pokemon honedge

Honedge is a steel/ghost type Pokemon that first appeared in Pokemon X/Y. Honedage cracks our list of creepiest Pokemon of all time because of its creepy Pokedex entrees in both Pokemon X and Pokemon Y. According to the Pokedex entry in Pokemon Y if any one grabs its sword handle, Honedge will wrap its blue cloth around the person’s arm and drain them of life. The Pokemon X pokedex entry states that Honedge is born after a spirit enters a sword. It then attaches itself to a human to drink there life force.



creepiest pokemon duskull

Duskull and its evolutions are known as the grim reaper of Pokemon which is why it cracks our list of creepiest Pokemon. In the Pokemon Ruby pokedex it states that Duskull can easlier move through walls and choses a target to stock until morning hits then will abandon the case at sunrise. In Pokemon Black/White it says that Duskull loves the sound of crying children and will startle them until they cry. It is also said to spirit away disobedient children. Duskull scares adults in the pokemon world badly also, if they look into its eye. As Duskull evolves it is just as creepy. Dusclops is also one of the creepiest Pokemon because its body is a black hole. It can absorb anything into its body but nothing will ever come out. The final evolution, Dusknoir is said to receive transmissions commanding it to bring spirits to the world of spirits.



phantump creepiest pokemon

Phantump made its first appearance in Pokemon X/Y as a new ghost type that often lives in abandon forest areas. In the Pokemon Y pokedex entry it says that, an old tale states that these Pokemon are tree stumps possessed by the spirits of children who got lost and died while in the forest. Because of this Phantump makes our creepiest pokemon list.




Gourgeist creepiest pokemon

Gourgeist is another one of our creepiest Pokemon to first appear in Pokemon X/Y. These Pokemon wander the streets during the night on a full moon while singing in an eerie voice. Anyone who hears a Gourgeist’s eerie song is cursed. These Pokemon are also known to capture victims in there arms and hold them while singing just to watch them suffer.


Banette creepiest pokemon

Banette is essentially a doll possessed with pure hatred which is the reason it’s on our list of creepiest Pokemon. Banette originated from a doll that was thrown away by a child. Cursed energy got into the doll and Banette was formed. Banette’s goal is to get revenge on the child that disowned them. Banette’s mouth is a zipper, if that zipper is ever opened the cursed energy would escape.


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